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PagerDuty announces new automation capabilities

PagerDuty announced new automation and AIOps capabilities to lower costs for developers and IT teams, prevent outages, and improve remote collaboration. “The impact of the pandemic has required companies to pivot overnight, reducing labor and IT costs while still serving their customers’ growing digital needs, and working entirely remotely,” said Jonathan Rende, senior vice president … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0, Fedora 32, and NVIDIA completes Mellanox acquisition

Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 is now available. The latest version introduces the ability to build a virtual Network Operations Center (NOC). With a virtual NOC, organizations will be able to collaborate on incident diagnosis and resolution no matter where they are located.  Other new features in Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 include Alert Analyzer, Dynamic Topology Builder, an … continue reading

PagerDuty: IT teams decreasing incident response time, despite increasing number of incidents

The Covid-19 pandemic is placing added stresses on nearly every industry, but according to data from PagerDuty, IT departments are handling new challenges well. According to their data, IT teams are resolving incidents up to 63% faster now than they were before the crisis, depending on the industry vertical. For example, online learning has seen … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Signal Sciences’ security solution for Istio, PagerDuty for Cloud Operations, and Snow Software acquires Embotics

Signal Sciences has announced a security solution for the service mesh Istio. The company had already offered a web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) integration with Istio and Envoy. This new integration with Istio will provide organizations with the ability to gain visibility into east-west and north-south traffic. They will also be … continue reading

PagerDuty Event Intelligence Dashboard

ITOps Times news digest: PagerDuty’s machine learning capabilities, Stateless’ software-defined interconnect platform, and hybrid IT monitoring solution Checkmk 1.6

PagerDuty is adding new machine learning capabilities to its platform in order to help IT teams reduce costs and impact from slow downs and outages. According to the company, it takes an average of 80 minutes for teams to respond to an issue. The company’s new solution works to reduce that time to as little … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: IBM z15, IIC shifts focus, and Sensu and PagerDuty’s new integration

IBM has launched a new mainframe that is designed for hybrid multicloud environments. IBM z15 allows customers to better manage the privacy of customer data within those types of environments. According to IBM, z15 has been in the works for four years and features collaborations with over 100 companies. Specific data privacy controls in z15 … continue reading

PagerDuty mobile configuration warnings

ITOps Times news digest: PagerDuty August 2019 release, StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform 2.5, and Wipro and Google Cloud partnership

The August release of PagerDuty is now available. This release focuses on improvements to the mobile app, increases security, and analytics improvements. Its mobile app now features the ability to snooze alert for more than 24 hours, configuration warnings, status updates for business services, and iPad layout improvements. It has improved platform security by introducing … continue reading

PagerDuty Solution for HybridOps facilitates collaboration between DevOps and ITOps teams

PagerDuty has announced a new solution that will enable better collaboration between DevOps and traditional ITOps teams. Often, as organizations transition to DevOps, organizations can get stuck in a state called HybridOps, PagerDuty’s vice president of product Rachel Obstler explained. “It’s like a state of being when part of your organization is transitioning to DevOps … continue reading

PagerDuty brings security closer to operations

PagerDuty wants to unify the security operations among developers, operations and security teams. The company announced PagerDuty for Security Operations with new and existing security integrations across the company’s ecosystem. “With PagerDuty for Security Operations, we now bring security professionals into the fold to operate in a unified platform to engage in real-time security response,” … continue reading

PagerDuty announces new digital operations management solutions

PagerDuty announced two new products and an expansion of its platform today at the PagerDuty Summit 2018 in San Francisco. The company announced PagerDuty Visibility and PagerDuty Analytics to help customers enhance their digital operations while leveraging PagerDuty’s extensive data set. PagerDuty Visibility provides a real-time view into operational health, while PagerDuty Analytics offers insights … continue reading

PagerDuty aims to reduce the IT noise with Event Intelligence

PagerDuty has announced the release of PagerDuty Event Intelligence. PagerDuty Event Intelligence analyzes incoming digital signals and human response patterns, then uses automation to identify issues quickly. This allows teams to take action on critical software issues and opportunities. According to the company, the solution is designed for teams that are responsible for software, infrastructure, … continue reading

PagerDuty releases analytics service that measures the health and well-being of employees

PagerDuty is trying to help organizations prioritize the health of their employees with its new Operations Health Management Service (OHMS) analytics service. OHMS allows organizations to evaluate the work-life balance of employees who work on developing, maintaining, and supporting digital services. “As an inherently data-driven company, we are constantly evaluating the health of our core … continue reading Protection Status

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