Signal Sciences has announced a security solution for the service mesh Istio. The company had already offered a web application firewall (WAF) and runtime application self-protection (RASP) integration with Istio and Envoy.

This new integration with Istio will provide organizations with the ability to gain visibility into east-west and north-south traffic. They will also be able to protect microservice applications without having development teams implement code changes.

“Development teams are migrating their monolithic application architectures over to highly distributed, microservices foundations en masse,” said Jonathan DiVincenzo, vice president of product management at Signal Sciences. “While this industry-wide shift enables faster innovation and reduces time-to-market for new applications and features, the increased speed also means security capabilities must keep up rather than slow down engineering teams. Our integrations with Istio and Envoy empower these teams, enabling them to deliver quick value without sacrificing their security or visibility.”

PagerDuty for Cloud Operations now available
PagerDuty has announced the release of PagerDuty for Cloud Operations. The company explained this solution will help IT teams transform their operations practices as they transition to the cloud.

Key features of PagerDuty for Cloud Operations include PagerDuty’s digital operations management platform, integrations with AWS, a Digital Operations Maturity Model, and solution architecting experience.

The integration with AWS solutions will enable teams to automatically detect incidents, respond in real time, and automate workflows. This will improve their ability to prevent outages, provide better customer experiences, and increase productivity.

Snow Software acquires Embotics
Snow Software has acquired hybrid cloud management company Embotics. Through the acquisition, Snow Software will now be able to help CIOs understand and manage their full technology stack, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

“The rapid adoption of hybrid cloud by the enterprise has created new challenges for technology and business leaders who must maximize the efficacy and efficiency of technology without sacrificing innovation, productivity or security,” said Vishal Rao, president and CEO of Snow. “Technology intelligence is the future of asset and cloud management, moving beyond the silos created by point tools to provide the insight and manageability organizations need to gain a competitive edge. Embotics is a highly strategic addition to Snow’s portfolio. We are thrilled to welcome the team to Snow and deliver even greater value to our customers and partners.”