PagerDuty has announced new capabilities such as PagerDuty Service Graph and updates to AIOps Event Intelligence, including the addition of change correlation and outlier incidents. It also announced two new add-ons to its platform: Runbook Actions and a new plan for customer service operations.

Runbook Actions provides diagnostic and remediation automation. This helps IT teams resolve issues from within the PagerDuty interface. 

The new plan for customer service teams will enable teams to be more proactive in resolving incidents. Customers can use solutions like Zendesk to get real-time status updates of issues impacting customers and immediately drive action and engage with experts across the organization. 

AWS releases public registry for AWS CloudFormation 

This new registry will provide a searchable collection of extensions published by AWS and its partners. Launch partners include MongoDB, Datadog, Atlassian Opsgenie, Aqua Security, Trend Micro, FireEye, NetApp, JFrog, Stackery, Check Point, Gremlin, Iridium, Sysdig, and Snyk.

“The registry makes it easy to discover and provision these extensions in your CloudFormation templates and CDK applications in the same manner you use AWS-provided resources. Using extensions, you no longer need to create and maintain custom provisioning logic for resource types from third-party vendors. And, you are able to use a single infrastructure as code tool, CloudFormation, to provision and manage AWS and third-party resources, further simplifying the infrastructure provisioning process (the CDK uses CloudFormation under the hood),” Steve Roberts, technical evangelist at AWS, wrote in a post

DH2i launches DxEnterprise Smart Availability Software for Containers

DxEnterprise (DxE) for Containers will enable SQL Server container availability groups (AG) both inside and outside of Kubernetes. According to the company, customers can use it to deploy stateful containers and create new applications while also improving operations. Companies can also use it to generate new revenue streams by building Kubernetes AG clusters across availability zones and regions, enabling them to rapidly adapt to changes in market conditions. 

“DxE for Containers is the perfect complement to Kubernetes’ pod/node-level cluster HA,” said Don Boxley, CEO and co-founder of DH2i. “DxE for Containers accelerates Digital Transformation (DX) by meeting the requirement of near-zero RTO/RPO high availability for cloud native stateful containers in Kubernetes.”