AI meets Network: Now what?

There’s a lot of buzz about AI in networking, but it can’t be real…right? Join our webinar where we’ll explore both the potential and the limitations of AI, providing a balanced view on its practical applications. By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a clear understanding of where AI can genuinely add value and … continue reading

[Demo] Infrastructure Monitoring with LM Envision_MP4

See LM Envision in action LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based infrastructure monitoring platform is a breeze to set up and scale with your entire environment. In this demo, Sales Engineer Stuart Carrison discusses the LogicMonitor architecture, how data is collected, logs, and some of our powerful features. Features covered include: – Forecasting data to see potential upcoming trends … continue reading

[Guide] Built to scale: How to use automation to drive enterprise extensibility

Are you or your leaders intrigued by automation but hesitant to implement it? Maybe that’s due to concerns over job replacement; maybe it’s due to perceived complexity; perhaps it’s fear of disruption. Whatever the hesitation, there is no doubt that automation is designed to reduce repetitive tasking and free up time for innovation. In this … continue reading

[Report] 6 Reasons IT Pros Are Ditching Legacy Monitoring Tools

As organizations shift IT assets to the cloud and their tech stack becomes more complex, SaaS-based monitoring helps teams transition from reactive monitoring to real-time observability. Find out how in this PeerSpot Report. In this report, real IT Pros discuss why their teams are moving away from legacy monitoring tools. Here is what you’ll find … continue reading

[Guide] Cloud with Confidence – Best Practices for Effectively Scaling and Optimizing How You Cloud

Having a cloud strategy isn’t innovation; it’s what organizations need to scale great ideas and deliver robust customer experiences. As environments become more complex, it’s critical to evolve to the cloud in the right way or you’ll end up just another legacy company lost in the clouds. From several years of research and market observation, … continue reading

The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

How fast is your IT? You need speed and adaptability to adjust as big changes in the global economy and our daily lives keep coming. Disruption is the status quo, and the “new normal” is not yet defined. Are you prepared for what’s next? What are IT organizations saying about it all? This spring, 2,200 … continue reading

Establish an incident management process like an IT Operations Pro

Incident Management is an IT service management process intended to restore “normal” service operation as quickly as possible, while minimizing any adverse impact on business operations or the end user. To be successful, IT teams must promptly and effectively deal with all Incidents reported by users. So why is Incident Management important? The answer is … continue reading

2020 State of Incident Management Report

See how over 500 organizations run their incident management process. Each company has its own version of an incident management process, and some are clearly better than others. Learn how world-class IT Operations and DevOps teams resolve incidents and see how your own internal process compares. … continue reading

The Gorilla Guide to Why Modern IT Requires Modern Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data center is your top priority. But, you’re continually faced with the rise of new external threats. That means you need new tools to respond effectively and quickly. Read the Gorilla Guide to Why Modern IT Requires Modern Disaster Recovery, to see how you can improve your backup and disaster recovery strategy. We review the … continue reading

The Complete Ransomware Recovery Guide

Using best practices for ransomware prevention, network intrusion, encryption, and anti-phishing tools, plus keeping all endpoints up to date with the latest security patches will put you in a good position to recover your data without paying a ransom. Download this guide to learn: Proactive ransomware prevention What to do when your systems are infected … continue reading

Observability: A Guide for Buyers

You’ve likely heard the term observability being passed around for the past few years, and you might have assumed that it is just another marketing buzzword for monitoring. And you wouldn’t be alone in that thinking. Some experts would say that “observability”, “AIOPs” and “application Performance Monitoring (APM)” are just terms used to distinguish between … continue reading

Log Management: A Guide for Buyers

Over the last several years, organizations have had to deal with exponentially more data than ever before. A good log management solution can help your organization connect the dots between your data, helping you uncover insights you didn’t even know you were looking for. Logs can help you understand what is going on within your … continue reading

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