ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Strimzi

The CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has voted to accept Strimzi as a CNCF incubating project.  Strimzi simplifies the deployment and management of Apache Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, leveraging the operator pattern to ease installation, upgrades, and security tasks. Apache Kafka, known for its scalability and fault tolerance, is widely used for building event-driven architectures … continue reading

How IT leaders can get their cloud back in order

The evolution of cloud operations currently revolves around the offerings of the hyperscale cloud providers (hyperscalers). We should consider these “traditional cloud models,” and they typically offer decent value when organizations are just beginning their cloud journeys. But these plans tend to become extremely expensive once the organization starts scaling its cloud initiatives. According to … continue reading

Analyst View: Preparing for the best part of Wi-Fi 7

It is amazing how quickly technology is advancing. It seems like just yesterday we launched Wi-Fi 6, and we’ve already had a number of variants. This month, Qualcomm began sharing the coming capabilities, one of which, given the launch of the Apple Vision Pro – announced in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference –, is … continue reading

Three ways to avoid AI-related network performance problems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is upending almost every sector – from health care and education to manufacturing and retail. It’s even creeping into comedy. Ameca – billed as the ‘world’s most advanced humanoid robot,’ according to UK start-up Engineered Arts – recently attempted to tell a joke. The punchline is so poor that we will leave … continue reading

We Need to Think Differently – Your Hybrid Connectivity Isn’t Really Hybrid

With advancements in technology, and in particular that which carries data across our ether, hybrid connectivity has become increasingly popular as a means to optimize communications. Promising a seamless integration of multiple network technologies, it aims to provide enhanced reliability, flexibility, and performance. However, upon closer examination, what many believe to be hybrid connectivity isn’t truly hybrid. First … continue reading

Want to break down IT silos? Start with building the right team culture

For those of us who live and breathe technology, it’s easy to believe that we’re all one release away from solving the big challenges facing our organizations.  Unfortunately, the reality is more complicated than that.  For example, let’s talk about silos, the barriers that exist between different teams or departments within an organization. For years, … continue reading

Event-driven architecture explained

Event-driven architecture is an architectural design approach that relies on events to trigger actions across decoupled services. In this context, an event represents some sort of change in state – a customer logging in to an application, a shopper adding an item to a cart, or a user following a new account. Events may include … continue reading

Don’t Let WAN Bandwidth Get in the Way of Your AI Initiatives

New technologies emerge like baggage at an airport carousel. Every so often, a new one pops out from under that rubber flap we all stare at as we wait for our luggage. Cloud, virtualization, software-defined networks. They’ve all been around the carousel.  One of the most recent to emerge is artificial intelligence (AI) and its … continue reading

8 reasons enterprise automation is vital to cloud strategy success

The cloud is fast becoming the platform of choice to power almost every enterprise application, and with good reason – the cloud offers significant benefits including flexibility, security, and low total cost of ownership. However, that success is not without its challenges. Moving on-premises systems to the cloud and digitally transforming key processes has a … continue reading

The App-Aware NOC: The imperatives, and how to make it happen

Fire drills and ensuing all-hands-on-deck calls are nothing new for IT operations teams. I can remember working on a site reliability engineering (SRE) team for a large, global enterprise in the shipping industry back in the late 1990s. Early on in my tenure there, an issue occurred that affected the public facing site. Initially, we … continue reading

How the open data lakehouse makes data mesh real—and radically expands data use for business

When Zhamak Dehghani introduced data mesh in 2019, she was acknowledging both the unmet expectations of business leaders and major frustrations of technologists in the data warehousing world. The talk channeled a decades-long groundswell of sentiment in the field, but most importantly, described a better approach for analytical data management. Data mesh surrenders to data’s … continue reading

How to think about managing modern application workloads

Workloads are the workhorses of your mission-critical applications—they’re what get the job done. The environments that these workloads run in, and the way we manage them, have evolved significantly. Back in the old days, applications were built as monoliths. They were self-contained systems that included not just the capabilities you needed them for but also … continue reading

Drive Your Network Operations Into the Future

Once taken for granted, the network has become the key connective tissue as organizations increasingly move workloads to the cloud and have employees that work from anywhere. While the network has become the lynchpin for delivering modern application experiences, traditional network operations teams have suffered from a loss of visibility and control as network elements … continue reading

The High Cost of Data Compliance Failure: Three Ways to Get Your Data House in Order

With today’s ever-expanding threat surface, businesses face critical challenges in protecting vital data from compromise. Mitigating data security risk is top of mind for security professionals at corporate and public sector agencies alike. An indication of the severity of the problem can be found in the latest Binding Operational Directive from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure … continue reading

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