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Q&A: Is nuclear energy the key to meeting the demands of AI workloads?

AI requires a whole lot of power to run, and as more and more AI workloads are added, the power demand will just get greater. According to a report from Schneider Electric, in 2023 AI consumed 8% of the total power demanded by data centers, and this number is expected to grow to 15-20% by … continue reading

Cloudflare users can now block AI bots, scrapers, and crawlers by changing one setting

Cloudflare has added a new option in its settings to help its customers easily block AI bots, scrapers, and crawlers with a single click. Companies building generative AI models use web scrapers to get content to train their models with. “Google reportedly paid $60 million a year to license Reddit’s user generated content, Scarlett Johansson … continue reading

Empowering SMBs to compete with big brands using AI and SaaS technology

Business is moving fast. In today’s evolving landscape, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are facing unprecedented challenges. However, they also have more opportunities to get creative and leverage technologies more so than ever before. As they strive to compete with larger brands, SMBs are increasingly turning to advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and … continue reading

Report: Open source will pave the way for intelligent networking

Telecommunications vendors are moving towards an innovative future, with many adopting technologies like open source software, cloud-native architectures, and network APIs. A recent report from the Linux Foundation explored how these companies are using these technologies today and how open source will be critical to adopting AI-based networking, or intelligent networking.  “The future of intelligent … continue reading

Vega Cloud Announces Cosmoo, the AI FinOps Analyst

Vega Cloud announces a series of updates to its Enterprise FinOps platform, the most significant of which is an AI-powered chatbot named Cosmoo. In addition to Cosmoo, Vega Cloud has released new cost reporting and management tools, a data API, enterprise SSO enhancements, and various developer experience improvements. Macro-economic uncertainty and budget constraints are driving CIOs … continue reading

Cribl announces AI copilot to deliver insights from IT data

Cribl, which is a data management platform for IT teams, has announced a new AI copilot to further help customers manage growing amounts of data.  Cribl Copilot can generate insights, dashboards, and notifications from the company’s data, as well as answer questions about that data. According to the company, the goal of this new AI … continue reading

Lambda Labs launches 1-Click Clusters to provide on-demand access to GPUs for AI with a low reservation minimum

Lambda Labs, which is a company that provides on-demand access to GPUs in the cloud for AI, is democratizing who can train large AI models with the launch of Lambda 1-Click Clusters.  Normally, companies that offer access to GPU clusters require minimum reservations that ensure only the largest enterprises can afford them. But smaller companies … continue reading

Bugcrowd acquires Informer, enhancing attack surface management and pen testing

Bugcrowd, a leading provider of crowdsourced security, today announced it has acquired Informer, which offers external attack surface management (ASM) and continuous penetration testing.  The move will enable Bugcrowd to expand its solution in the ASM market, which is estimated to be $3.3 billion by 2029. ASM is a critical aspect of an overall cybersecurity … continue reading launches Observability IQ, introduces AI-driven IQ Assistant

With the goal of turning observability into a conversation, platform provider today announced the launch of Observability IQ, its AI strategy and roadmap, and introduced IQ Assistant, an AI-driven, chat-based capability. According to the company announcement, IQ Assistant can answer users’ questions in a conversational way, providing detailed responses to natural language queries … continue reading

At its summit, Red Hat advances OpenShift AI

Red Hat today announced advances in Red Hat OpenShift AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform that enables enterprises to create and deliver AI-enabled applications at scale across hybrid clouds.  OpenShift AI was designed to help organizations struggling with bringing AI models into production, the company said in its announcement. Among those … continue reading

Trend Micro update helps organizations manage risks of AI adoption

Cybersecurity company Trend Micro this week released updates to its Trend Vision One solution designed to meet the mass adoption of new AI tools by managing the risks associated with that adoption and securing how organizations use AI. In the company announcement, co-founder and CEO Eva Chen said, “Great advancements in technology always come with … continue reading

Cloudera and NVIDIA partner to accelerate generative AI adoption

Cloudera has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to help support generative AI capabilities for its customers. More specifically, NVIDIA’s NIM microservices, which is part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, will be integrated with Cloudera Machine Learning, the company explained.  Cloudera explained that NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices can be used by developers to link AI models … continue reading

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