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Octopus Deploy releases features to simplify Kubernetes continuous delivery

Octopus Deploy has recently launched new features to help simplify Kubernetes continuous delivery at scale. “Kubernetes is powerful but gets complicated when deploying hundreds or thousands of applications,” Colin Bowern, SVP of Product at Octopus Deploy, said in the company’s announcement. “Challenges like managing environments, lack of pipeline visibility, and compliance get more complex at … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Copa

Copa, short for Copacetic, is an open-source project for vulnerability management. It can automatically apply the necessary patches to a container image based on the results of vulnerability scans.  This allows containers to be patched quickly without waiting on a full rebuild upstream, so that they can be redeployed as fast as possible.  The maintainers … continue reading

Taming the Wild West of Self-Service IT

Whether you’re serving B2B customers or your internal staff, a stellar customer experience now includes self-service. DevOps teams, other creators, and teams like HR expect to have self-service IT capability to handle routine tasks, avoid help desk tickets and a wait time for resolution. With organizations looking to conserve resources and IT staff time, self-service … continue reading

The surprising ROI of Database DevOps

Implementing database optimization practices can help achieve business growth by protecting revenue from downtime, reducing manual task costs and protecting sensitive data. Now Redgate has put some tangible numbers behind those benefits to show how it can benefit your enterprise organization. View the ROI End-to-end Database DevOps provides a competitive advantage in a competitive economy. It can be a … continue reading

BMC adds generative AI to its operations management platform

BMC, a provider of software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, has introduced generative AI capabilities across its entire AI-driven service and operations management portfolio. This integration, known as BMC HelixGPT, connects and analyzes data from various sources within an organization to provide easy-to-understand, actionable insights that facilitate autonomous issue resolution, bridging the gap between … continue reading

Teleport Assist launches as generative AI chat interface for infrastructure management

Teleport has introduced a new offering called Teleport Assist, an AI-powered chat interface specifically designed to aid DevOps teams in swiftly and effortlessly resolving infrastructure issues by engaging in conversations with their cloud environments.  With Teleport Assist, DevOps professionals can troubleshoot problems more efficiently, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to streamline their workflows and … continue reading

Teleport 13 offers automatic vulnerability patching

Teleport, provider of identity-native infrastructure access management, today announced the release of its latest version of the Teleport Access Platform, Teleport 13. This release is geared at improving security and reducing operational overhead for DevOps teams that are responsible for securing cloud infrastructure. Teleport 13 also provides a new Teleport Team plan for companies who … continue reading

Is Your Data Bathtub About to Overflow?

Over the past seven years, we’ve seen Kubernetes become the de facto platform for building modern applications. With this shift, application architectures have become increasingly distributed, dynamic, and modular. As a byproduct, logging data has exploded – depending on the company, anywhere from one terabyte to multiple petabytes of data can be generated each day. … continue reading

Pairing DevOps with ITSM

Bringing IT service management (ITSM) together with DevOps and Agile development approaches is a  smart way to innovate. While Agile can be vital to instituting a nimbler and more flexible ITSM function  or operational management style, DevOps helps you work toward your goals in the timeliest manner  across the entire ecosystem.   ITSM, when stoic and … continue reading

Quali introduces new control plane features to Torque platform

Quali, a provider of infrastructure automation solutions, recently announced the release of enhanced control plane features for its Torque platform.  These new features work to extend automation and orchestration capabilities for heterogeneous environments including public, private, hybrid, and container infrastructure. This also brings improved cost visibility and strengthened governance over security and compliance protocols.  With … continue reading

VMware announces new container runtime security capabilities

VMware unveiled new container runtime security capabilities to provide end-to-end security for cloud-native applications. The new capabilities aim to target the security challenges of containerized applications including how to allow only legitimate traffic in and how to enable least-privileged communications between services and defend against the lateral movement of attackers, according to the company.  “Protecting … continue reading

New Relic announces a new infrastructure monitoring solution

New Relic announced the general availability of a new infrastructure monitoring solution that helps DevOps, SRE and ITOps teams isolate offending infrastructure components and view all related telemetry — including logs, events, and alerts — in context. The new solution aims to tackle the three key issues that surround infrastructure: the complexity of infrastructure, handling … continue reading

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