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PagerDuty brings end-to-end IT automation with new AIOps offering

PagerDuty has announced that PagerDuty AIOps is now generally available, enabling its customers to have access to new automation capabilities that can be applied to their IT departments.  The new offering includes capabilities aimed at reducing the amount of time that IT teams are spending on managing multiple vendors and manual processes. These include things … continue reading

PagerDuty announces Status Pages to reduce support team burden

PagerDuty Status Pages is now generally available. The new integrated feature improves customer service, reduces the burden on support teams, and helps to eliminate complexity.  The feature provides visual, real-time insights into an organization’s operations and the status of incident resolution.  “In 2023, customer retention will be one of the biggest factors determining whether a … continue reading

PagerDuty Operations Cloud updates will allow teams to focus attention on innovation

PagerDuty announced new enhancements to PagerDuty Operations Cloud to to decrease noise, reduce toil, and automate manual work so that teams can focus on innovation.  “Businesses today need PagerDuty’s Operations Cloud – a single, integrated platform for action that improves productivity and efficiency, increases availability, and reduces incident duration while delivering intelligent automation to give … continue reading

PagerDuty reveals Incident Workflows, Automation Actions to help companies with incident response

At its annual conference PagerDuty Summit 2022, PagerDuty announced new capabilities to help companies deal with incidents and improve their efficiency in doing so.  One of the new capabilities is Incident Workflows, which will be available later this year. Incident Workflows utilizes no-code to enable IT workers to add responses that trigger when common incident … continue reading

Self-service IT helps eliminate many operations bottlenecks

Running the IT operations of a company is no easy job. Not only do operations teams have to maintain all of the company’s systems, they also have to ensure positive user experiences, resolve incidents quickly, and help keep developers productive.  Luckily, there are ways to ease the burden on IT teams. In a webinar on … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: PagerDuty updates; 1Password 8 for Windows; Rust Foundation Cloud Compute Program

PagerDuty has announced the release of new capabilities to its platform to help customers automate more incident response processes. The new Event Orchestration capability allows teams to create custom logic for controlling routing based on event conditions.  Other new features include a fully managed cloud version of Rundeck, new service standards, and new change events … continue reading

Auto-resolve PagerDuty incidents in LogDNA

ITOps Times news digest: LogDNA and PagerDuty integration, Opsera and HashiCorp partnership, and Grafana Labs funding

LogDNA has announced a new feature for its PagerDuty integration: the ability to auto-resolve PagerDuty Incidents. This enables SREs to be more confident in when an incident is truly over and eliminates the need to manually go through logs and monitor infrastructure to determine when a system is back up.  Customers can define a number … continue reading

Report: IT workers experiencing increasingly inconsistent and heavy workloads

IT workers have been experiencing inconsistent and heavy workloads this year ever since the shift to remote work. According to PagerDuty’s 2021 State of Digital Operations report, over a third of PagerDuty’s users worked on average two extra hours per day, which comes out to an extra 12 weeks of work per year.  Respondents also … continue reading

Report: IT jobs expected to get harder in hybrid work model

Many people are excited about the new era of hybrid work, but a number of IT professionals have their concerns. While remote work has its benefits, workload complexity isn’t one of them; only 32% of IT professionals believe their jobs will get easier in a hybrid model. This is according to PagerDuty’s recently released The … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: PagerDuty updates, AWS CloudFormation registry, and DH2i’s DxEnterprise for Containers

PagerDuty has announced new capabilities such as PagerDuty Service Graph and updates to AIOps Event Intelligence, including the addition of change correlation and outlier incidents. It also announced two new add-ons to its platform: Runbook Actions and a new plan for customer service operations. Runbook Actions provides diagnostic and remediation automation. This helps IT teams … continue reading


ITOps Times news digest: NetApp updates ONTAP, PagerDuty and JFrog integration, and Cloud Security Alliance releases CAIQv4

NetApp has announced a new version of its ONTAP solution with new capabilities to help customers modernize hybrid cloud operations. New feature include updates to FlexPod, like intelligent application placement, automated workflows, and the ability to consume FlexPod as a fully managed service; NetApp StorageGRID 11.5, which adds data encryption with external key management, compliance … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Twilio Microvisor, PagerDuty acquires Rundeck, and BMC updates

Twilio has announced it is expanding its IoT offerings with the release of the Microvisor IoT Platform. Microvisor provides a single platform for developers to build connected devices, keep them secure, and manage them.  According to Twilio, the company’s goal is to accelerate IoT adoption by providing as much common infrastructure as possible.  “While Super … continue reading Protection Status

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