PagerDuty has announced several updates to PagerDuty Operations Cloud, which is the company’s overarching platform that combines its AIOps, Process Automation, Incident Management, and Customer Service Ops offerings.

First, the company announced PagerDuty Copilot, which is a generative AI assistant for the platform that is now in early access. Customers can chat with it to gain insights into the incident life cycle. It also features a low-code way to create new workflow definitions from prompts, as well as AI-generated status updates, post-mortems, Action Log summaries, and Markers in Jeli’s Post-incident Reviews.

PagerDuty also revealed the early access release of PagerDuty Operations Console, which is an AIOps offering that acts as a single source of truth for incidents. According to the company, this new feature will allow teams to create personalized incident dashboards, as well as filter components to pinpoint data more quickly. 

A number of features were also added to PagerDuty Automation. PagerDuty Workflow Automation allows teams to automate their manual business processes via integration with PagerDuty Runbook Automation

New enhancements were added to PagerDuty Runbook Automation as well, including project runner management, which enables teams to orchestrate automation in remote environments, securely. This feature is now in early access. 

And finally, PagerDuty Incident Management is a platform designed to help teams manage the incident life cycle from detection to resolution. It includes automated workflows — including notifications to internal and external stakeholders — and guided remediation capabilities. 

“Transformation is always challenging. However, these innovations are significant in revolutionizing operational efficiency and modernizing workflows. By providing synchronized incident management, comprehensive automation, and scalable deployment capabilities, we enable organizations to achieve enhanced visibility, reduce risks, and increase operational efficiencies across teams, ultimately driving success at scale,” PagerDuty wrote in a blog post