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Cloudera and NVIDIA partner to accelerate generative AI adoption

Cloudera has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to help support generative AI capabilities for its customers. More specifically, NVIDIA’s NIM microservices, which is part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, will be integrated with Cloudera Machine Learning, the company explained.  Cloudera explained that NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices can be used by developers to link AI models … continue reading

NVIDIA partners with two Indian companies to build AI supercomputer in India

NVIDIA has announced a partnership with the Indian corporations Tata Group and Reliance Industries to build an AI supercomputer in India using NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips. According to NVIDIA, this supercomputer will bring access to advanced AI capabilities to thousands of organizations across India.  NVIDIA explained that GH200 “marks a fundamental shift in computing … continue reading

CES 2023: NVIDIA unveils new GPUs, Lenovo adds new sustainability-focused laptops, Intel introduces next gen mobile processors

The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) officially kicks off today and will run through Sunday, January 8th.  CES is a major event where the largest technology manufacturers come together to show off their latest innovations.  Already a number of companies have been previewing their latest offerings that they will be showcasing at the event.  Here … continue reading

NVIDIA becomes founding member of OPI project

NVIDIA announced that it cofounded a Linux Foundation project to democratize innovations in the data center and to further open the NVIDIA DOCA data processing unit software to software providers. The Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) project aims to create a community-driven, standards-based open ecosystem to accelerate networking and other data center infrastructure tasks, according to … continue reading

NVIDIA announces a number of updates at GTC conference

NVIDIA has announced a number of new solutions and updates at its GTC conference. One main highlight is its announcement of Spectrum-4. Spectrum-4 is the next generation of the company’s Ethernet platform. According to the company, this latest version will enable the robust performance and security that is necessary to run data center infrastructure at … continue reading

NVIDIA partners with Equinix on AI LaunchPad

NVIDIA is trying to make it easier for companies to access NVIDIA-powered infrastructure to run their AI workloads on with the release of the NVIDIA AI LaunchPad.  The NVIDIA AI LaunchPad will be delivered in collaboration with various cloud providers, the first of which will be Equinix. Equinix customers will now be able to develop … continue reading

Diagram showing the components of AI-on-5G

NVIDIA and other companies collaborate on AI-on-5G platform

NVIDIA has announced a new collaboration with Fujitsu, Google Cloud, Mavenir, Radisys, and Wind River. Together the companies will work to develop solutions for NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G platform and help accelerate the creation of smart cities, smart factories, advanced hospitals, and intelligent stores.  “In this era of continuous, accelerated computing, network operators are looking to take … continue reading

NVIDIA releases Morpheus framework to detect security threats

NVIDIA has announced the release of its Morpheus framework that uses AI to detect and prevent security threats. It can detect leaks of unencrypted sensitive data, phishing attacks, and malware. According to NVIDIA, the Morpheus framework can be used together with NVIDIA AI computing and NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs to provide end-to-end protection.  When used along … continue reading

NVIDIA announces new processors, collaboration tools, and supercomputer building blocks

NVIDIA has announced a number of new product announcements and updates at the GPU Technology Conference. Here are a few highlights: New processor featuring a data-center-infrastructure-on-a-chip architecture (DOCA) The new BlueField-2 DPU will enable breakthroughs in networking, storage, and security performance, NVIDIA explained.  The new processor is optimized to offload critical networking, storage, and security … continue reading

NVIDIA to acquire Arm for $40 billion

NVIDIA has announced that it is acquiring Arm from SoftBank for $40 billion. Arm is a manufacturer of processors. According to NVIDIA, this acquisition will bring together its AI computing platform with Arm’s ecosystem, creating a computing company for the age of artificial intelligence. It will enable them to accelerate innovation and expand into larger … continue reading

NVIDIA SmartNIC released for advanced network offloads and 25/50 Gb/s connectivity

NVIDIA announced the release of NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Lx SmartNIC, which provides advanced network offloads to accelerate cloud and enterprise workloads.  SmartNIC was designed to handle the needs of modern data centers by providing 25/50 Gb/s Ethernet smart network connections. It extends accelerated computing by leveraging software-defined, hardware-accelerated engines to offload more security and network … continue reading

NVIDIA A100 GPU based on Ampere architecture now available

Nvidia’s first GPU based on the Nvidia Ampere architecture is now available. The GPU, Nvidia A100, helps unify AI training and inference. It is optimized for use cases such as data analytics, scientific computing, and cloud graphics. It offers a 20x increase in performance over previous Nvidia GPUs. According to the company, this release is … continue reading Protection Status

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