Cloudera has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to help support generative AI capabilities for its customers.

More specifically, NVIDIA’s NIM microservices, which is part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, will be integrated with Cloudera Machine Learning, the company explained. 

Cloudera explained that NIM and NeMo Retriever microservices can be used by developers to link AI models to business data, helping to generate more contextually relevant responses. 

Developers can then deploy their applications through NVIDIA AI Enterprise to get access to optimized runtimes for building, customizing, and deploying LLMs.

“Cloudera is integrating NVIDIA NIM and CUDA-X microservices to power Cloudera Machine Learning, helping customers turn AI hype into business reality,” said Priyank Patel, vice president of AI/ML products at Cloudera. “In addition to delivering powerful generative AI capabilities and performance to customers, the results of this integration will empower enterprises to make more accurate and timely decisions while also mitigating inaccuracies, hallucinations, and errors in predictions – all critical factors for navigating today’s data landscape.”

Justin Boitano, vice president of enterprise products at NVIDIA, added: “Enterprises are eager to leverage their massive volumes of data for generative AI to build custom copilots and productivity tools. The integration of NVIDIA NIM microservices into the Cloudera Data Platform offers developers a way to more easily and flexibly deploy LLMs to drive business transformation.”