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LogicMonitor brings generative AI to IT operations teams with new Co-Pilot

The observability platform LogicMonitor is releasing a new generative AI solution, LM Co-Pilot, that can be utilized by IT operations teams. According to a recent survey conducted by the company, over a quarter of IT leaders responded that they had deferred troubleshooting an incident to a development team. LM Co-Pilot was designed to enable IT … continue reading

LogicMonitor brings more powerful AI to observability with Dexda

The IT monitoring company LogicMonitor is introducing a new AI solution for observability, with which it hopes to bridge gaps in AIOps technology.  The new solution, Dexda, uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically provide insights that will help IT teams identify problems and their root causes so they can take actions to … continue reading

How LogicMonitor evolved their monitoring

Digital transformation and making the transition into the cloud is a topic that has been widely discussed within the technology community. While the process of moving away from on-premise and towards the cloud can seem daunting, there are countless benefits that make this shift worth the trouble. In a recent ITOps Times Live! event sponsored … continue reading

LogicMonitor announces new framework for measuring IT readiness

LogicMonitor launched an assessment of IT readiness that identified 40 potential readiness KPIs across seven key criteria.  The KPIs enable CIOs and IT teams to begin to self-assess readiness, continuity, and resiliency that is critical to supporting today’s digital businesses.  The company announced the availability of the framework as part of its LM Elevate 2022 … continue reading

Report: IT transformation efforts blamed for outages/brownouts

LogicMonitor believes that the move to the cloud comes at a price. Gartner predicts that 40% of workloads will be in the public cloud by 2025, but according to LogicMonitor’s IT Downtime Detection and Mitigation Report, there are unknown costs, such as underestimating costs and a shortage of IT professionals. Many companies also believe that … continue reading

LogicMonitor's AIOps early warning system

LogicMonitor releases AIOps early warning system

LogicMonitor has announced that its new AIOps early warning system is now available. This system is an addition to the LM Intelligence AIOps solution. “LM Intelligence is our AIOps platform, and how we look at it is the platform gives a way to build intelligent algorithms on top of the data streams that are coming … continue reading

Report: IT organizations aren’t taking the proper measures to avoid downtime

Even though organizations face costly financial repercussions following a brownout or outage, IT organizations aren’t taking the proper measures to avoid downtime. According to a survey released today by LogicMonitor, 51 percent of outages and 53 percent of brownouts are avoidable.  LogicMonitor explained that there are six major costs associated with outages: lost revenue, lost … continue reading

Report: The state of IT is rapidly changing

The increased interest in cloud-to-the-edge technology, digital transformation and artificial intelligence is changing the approach to IT and IT service delivery. A recent report from LogicMonitor on the State of IT Delivery Survey found 80 percent of respondents have implemented or plan on implementing a modern IT solution. According to the report, the motivators for … continue reading

LogicMonitor integrates with Atlassian’s Stride for more effective ChatOps

LogicMonitor has announced a new integration with Atlassian’s communication tool Stride. With this integration, IT Ops teams can now view, acknowledge, and respond to IT performance issues directly inside Stride. In addition, teams will have the ability to receive monitoring alerts, schedule downtime directly from Stride rooms, and communicate alert information between team members. They … continue reading Protection Status

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