The IT monitoring company LogicMonitor is introducing a new AI solution for observability, with which it hopes to bridge gaps in AIOps technology. 

The new solution, Dexda, uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically provide insights that will help IT teams identify problems and their root causes so they can take actions to prevent issues from turning into bigger problems. 

It uses both real-time and historical data to come up with its insights, and offers capabilities like dynamic thresholding, anomaly detection, and forecasting. 

According to LogicMonitor, using Dexda, companies can reduce alert noise, customize  correlation models based on business needs, and scope correlations to each tenant in multi-tenancy deployments.

It also integrates with ServiceNow so that IT teams can use it with their existing workflows. Dexda can be enriched using ServiceNow CMDB data, which can provide additional context for alerts. Alerts can also be re-clustered into new insights if a more optimal cluster is found, and then sent back to ServiceNow’s platform, the company explained. 

“Being on the bleeding edge of technology requires shifting the organizational mindset from reactive responses to proactive insights, getting comfortable with humans leveraging machines for greater agility and innovation,” said Christina Kosmowski, CEO of LogicMonitor. “Our users crave superior anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and intelligent alerting – where we are best in class. Dexda is the latest step in the evolution of our AIOps technologies. Now, we are advancing Generative AI for solving customer challenges, making LogicMonitor even more user-friendly as a co-pilot.”