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D2iQ platform adds AI assistant to address Kubernetes skill gap

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) version 2.6 introduces DKP AI Navigator, an AI assistant designed to help enterprise organizations address the skills gap associated with adopting cloud-native technology. The new update integrates AI and automation to streamline Kubernetes management and provides robust support for AI workloads, fostering innovation for customers, according to the company in a … continue reading

D2iQ announces update to its managed Kubernetes platform

The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) 2.5 update simplifies multi-cluster and air-gapped deployments to give organizations greater consistency, visibility, security, and compliance across multi-cluster environments. Key enhancements in the new release include centralized multi-cloud, multi-cluster fleet management which enables customers to more easily manage a fleet of clusters through federated application management. Engineers can ensure consistency … continue reading

D2iQ updates its Kubernetes platform

Kubernetes company D2iQ has announced the latest updates to its Kubernetes platform, DKP. DKP 2.3 introduces enhancements for AWS customers that will make it easier to manage AWS EKS clusters. It now offers a comprehensive ecosystem of Kubernetes platform applications so that platform teams can spend more of their focus on creating good developer experiences. … continue reading

5 Ways to Prevent a Kubernetes Catastrophe

Kubernetes is a relatively new technology, and there is a limited pool of engineers capable of configuring and managing a deployment. A large percentage of Kubernetes deployments fail because organizations underestimate the complexity of Kubernetes and overestimate their ability to implement and manage a Kubernetes environment – a recent study showed that 100% of companies surveyed … continue reading

D2iQ releases latest version of Kubernetes platform with new self-service troubleshooting

Kubernetes platform provider D2iQ has announced the latest release of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). The key focus of DKP 2.2 is providing customers with more control and visibility into deployment and management.  It now provides VMware vSphere infrastructure provisioning through the Cluster API. This enables customers to deploy and manage their DKP clusters in … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: D2iQ Kubernetes Platform 2.0, ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce updates, and Instaclustr’s managed Apache Cassandra 4.0

D2iQ has announced the latest version of its Kubernetes platform. D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) 2.0 includes a move to a CNCF CAPI architecture, air-gapped cluster provisioning, autoscaling, and better GitOps support.  “DKP 2.0 represents our relentless focus on enabling customers to maximize their digital agility and thrive in fast-changing, highly competitive markets,” said Tobi Knaup, … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Apstra AOS 3.3, Ninja Data Protection, and D2iQ extends free access to DxOdyssey

Networking company Apstra has announced the release of Apstra AOS 3.3. The latest version introduces Intent-Based Network (IBN) capabilities to Juniper Networks, along with other operational and open-networking enhancements. According to Apstra, this version will significantly increase the speed and reliability of networks in data centers.  “The monitoring and managing of Data Center operations continue … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: TeamViewer web monitoring, Terraform AD provider, and Silverthread and D2iQ’s partnership

TeamViewer has added a new web monitoring module that lets admins monitor and remotely manage servers, as well as check websites for accessibility and functionality. According to TeamViewer, this will help minimize downtime and missed revenue.  “With the TeamViewer Web Monitoring module as part of the ‘Remote Monitoring and Management’ solution, we offer an integrated … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: New Relic One, Citrix Web App and API Protection, and D2iQ’s Konvoy 1.5 and Kommander 1.1

New Relic has announced updates to its observability platform. New Relic One has been reimagined to provide a better user experience, new capabilities, and predictable packaging and pricing. It also now includes a free tier to make it easier for engineers to try out the platform. “From the beginning, New Relic has been focused on … continue reading

D2iQ launches cloud-native training program

D2iQ has announced it is launching a new program, Conductor, to help organizations scale cloud-native training and prepare their employees for Day 2 operations.  Its training is focused on cloud-native concepts like Kubernetes, observability, and CI/CD. The courses are structured into “bite-sized chunks,” which allows users to slot training easily into their day.  RELATED CONTENT: … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: D2iQ KUDO, SaltStack Enterprise 6.2, and TeamViewer Pilot’s ARCore Depth API integration

D2iQ has announced a new solution to make it easier to deploy machine learning workflows on Kubernetes. D2iQ KUDO for Kubeflow reduces the complexity of provisioning and management.  D2iQ also comes bundled with other machine learning tools, such as Spark and Horovod.  “Taking ML workflows from development to production is filled with challenges, as discrepancies … continue reading

D2IQ Starter Pack launches to help companies navigate Day 2 operations

D2IQ is hoping to make it easier for companies to make the switch to Day 2 operations for cloud native applications. It is releasing its D2IQ Starter Pack, which is a package that includes technology, training, professional services, and support for those moving to Day 2 operations.  According to the company, organizations are more rapidly … continue reading Protection Status

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