D2iQ has announced it is launching a new program, Conductor, to help organizations scale cloud-native training and prepare their employees for Day 2 operations. 

Its training is focused on cloud-native concepts like Kubernetes, observability, and CI/CD. The courses are structured into “bite-sized chunks,” which allows users to slot training easily into their day. 

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Conductor provides a browser-based interactive environment for learning that doesn’t require lengthy setup. It can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, and the environment is only spun up when it is needed by learners. 

According to D2iQ, Conductor courses are curated, reviewed and updated by CNCF certified engineers and trainers. 

“Finding talent with cloud-native experience is a challenge and a lot of organizations are turning to the many re-skilling platforms out there to train the employees they have in house.  However, the same software that trains your business folks to manage their time better will not give your engineers the skills they need to run Kubernetes in production. Engineers learn best through hands-on practice, in a real world situation with immediate feedback. Learning will be cemented if what is learned is immediately applied to the job,” Kate Dorfman, senior product manager of D2iQ, wrote in a post