KubeCon 2022: Kasten releases K10 V5.5, Grafana Labs announces Kubernetes monitoring solution, and Red Hat introduced Red Hat Device Edge

More exciting new releases and product updates were revealed today as KubeCon 2022 continues.  Kasten releases K10 V5.5 Kasten, the Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery company, today unveiled the new Kasten by Veeam K10 V5.5 Kubernetes data management platform. This release is intended to bridge the skills gap among operations teams by introducing several new … continue reading

Keyfactor introduces Keyfactor Signum to simplify code signing process

The machine and IoT identity platform Keyfactor today announced the launch of Keyfactor Signum, a new code signing as-a-service platform that simplifies the process developers go through to sign code and containers in a secure way, without affecting productivity. Keyfactor Signum is intended to address the threat of software supply chain attacks that compromise application … continue reading

Amazon WorkSpaces announces support for Ubuntu

The team at Amazon recently announced that Ubuntu desktops can now be provisioned for developers, engineers, or data scientists. With this, virtual desktop users are enabled to have more choices as well as gain access to new categories of workloads.  Support for Ubuntu also offers virtual desktop administrators a consistent experience regardless of whether they … continue reading

ITOps Open-Source Project of the Week: Spiffe and Spire

Spiffe and Spire is an open-source universal identity control plane for distributed systems. It allows users to secure microservices communication automatically with Envoy, X.509, or JWT.  Spiffe is a Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone which works to offer a secure identity to every workload in a modern production environment. It also removes the need … continue reading

Zendesk launches new customer sentiment and intent functionality

The service-first CRM company Zendesk recently announced Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist, new AI solutions to enable businesses to triage customer support requests automatically as well as access important data at scale.  According to the company, the democratization of these solutions allow organizations to see value faster by understanding intent and sentiment through account-specific, data-driven … continue reading

Sysdig announces new CSPM and guided remediation tool

Sysdig, the unified container and cloud security company, has unveiled ToDo, a cloud security posture management offering that aggregates security findings by root cause and prioritizes remindiation based on impact, and Remediation Guru, which offers guided remediation at the source. According to Sysdig, ToDo works to save time during investigations and Remediation Guru enables security … continue reading

Linkerd 2.12 now available

The team at Linkerd, the service mesh for Kubernetes, today announced the release of Linkerd 2.12. With this, route-based policy is introduced to Linkerd, enabling users to define and enforce authorization policies based on HTTP routes in a zero-trust way. These policies are built on top of Linkerd’s workload identities, which are secured by mutual … continue reading

AWS Private 5G released to enable users to deploy private mobile networks

The team at AWS unveiled AWS Private 5G, a new service that allows users to design and deploy their own private mobile network in just a few days. This network can be used to communicate with the sensors and actuators in smart factories, or to provide better connectivity for handheld devices, scanners, and tablets for … continue reading

ServiceMax announces core expansion to its field service management platform

The asset-centric field service management company, ServiceMax, today unveiled the continued core expansion of ServiceMax Core by adding new features that are intended to drive better customer field service management performance, revenue, and margin growth. According to the company, these updates serve to benefit dispatchers, field technicians, planners, and administrators as well as several other … continue reading

Dynatrace combines its log analytics and user experience analytics capabilities

Dynatrace, the software intelligence company, announced that it has unified its AI-powered log analytics with its digital experience monitoring (DEM) capabilities, enhancing its analytics capabilities for modern multi cloud environments.  The goal of this combination is to enable development teams to automatically gain deeper insights into specific user journeys by connecting logs to the user … continue reading

Report: over 50% of organizations prioritize security over user experience

Broadcom Software, provider of wireless LAN infrastructure solutions, today released the results of its survey on avoiding tradeoffs between security and user experience. The findings of the survey revealed that over half of organizations value security above the experience of end-users, often at the expense of productivity and customer satisfaction.  The struggle that organizations face … continue reading

Report: 75% of organizations say conducting regular access reviews strengthens their cybersecurity posture

A majority of companies agree on the importance of conducting regular reviews of who has access to their systems, but many of these companies are still doing these reviews manually.  The cybersecurity vendor, Netwrix, has released the results of its recent survey that looked at 590 IT professionals’ treatment of user access permissions. The report … continue reading

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