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AI and the IT talent gap

The systems that organizations manage have grown exponentially. The advance of cloud computing and the need for technology modernization over the past few years has created more demand from people. All this has led to an IT talent gap. I recently spoke with Mehdi Daoudi, founder and CEO of internet resiliency company Catchpoint about this … continue reading

Catchpoint launches Internet Resilience Program

Catchpoint has introduced its Internet Resilience Program, formerly called Black Friday Assurance. This program bolsters its Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform by providing an expert team of engineers on-demand.  These experts assist in maintaining the performance and resilience of websites and applications during high-peak times like product launches, holidays, tax seasons, and travel surges.  Many … continue reading

Catchpoint unveils lots of new features to make Internet performance monitoring better

Catchpoint has announced a number of new enhancements to its Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform.  Internet Weather shows the status of Internet services around the world, so that teams can be aware of outages in their third-party dependencies. It includes popular CDN, DNS, IaaS/PaaS, ISP, and SaaS providers.  Traceroute Enhancement is an enhancement to Network … continue reading

Report: Millions in lost revenue caused by Internet disruptions

A new Catchpoint survey in collaboration with Forrester Consulting found that nearly 40% of all respondents suffer customer-impacting disruptions, which cost up to $1 million per month. For most of those companies – mostly consumer brands and retailers with a significant volume of online transactions and a company size of over 1,000 employees – even … continue reading

Solving the problem of wrong-way BGP routing

The Border Gateway Protocol – a foundational part of the internet – was designed to route information and data between systems. It’s been in use since 1994 and has been patched and modified over the years.  Incidents of traffic being routed incorrectly due to a misconfiguration, or simply a human error,  have been difficult for … continue reading

Catchpoint rolls out internet performance monitoring solutions

Catchpoint, long a player in the monitoring and observability space. today announced the release of capabilities that will help organizations ensure the resilience of what the company is calling “the internet stack.” With the release, the company is ramping up for its next phase, focusing on Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), as businesses have become more … continue reading

Catchpoint introduces first digital experience score for faster IT resolution

Catchpoint today announced the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, which combines the network and application experience and how the user’s device is performing all in one. The metric provides visibility into all necessary components of the service delivery chain that account for true end-user experience, according to the company.  “If you have no real visibility into … continue reading

Transitioning to SRE

Over the years, there have been a lot of new methodologies that aim to help an organization manage their technology more efficiently, whether that means making programmers more efficient or the operators who manage a company’s technology infrastructure. DevOps, which sought to bring developers and operators together, is one such example of this, and one … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Catchpoint DEX Sonar, Trifacta’s Snowflake integration, and AppDynamics’ new partner program

Catchpoint has announced a new solution that will bring together real user, active, and device monitoring into a single solution. DEX Sonar provides end-to-end visibility into the Digital Employee Experience (DEX), Catchpoint explained. “Employees are increasingly reliant on SaaS applications, so disruptions like outages or slowdowns equate to lost productivity, employee dissatisfaction, and potentially lost … continue reading

Catchpoint introduces continuous visibility into networks with Internet Intelligence

Catchpoint has announced the release of Internet Intelligence, a new monitoring capability that will give organizations deeper visibility into their networks. According to the monitoring company, the solution continuously monitors network health and paths to clouds, CDNs, or other distributed architectures in order to show how the network is impacting end user experience. It can … continue reading

Catchpoint introduces managed monitoring service

Catchpoint, the digital experience monitoring (DEM) leader, today announced the launch of the industry’s first fully Managed Monitoring Service Provider offering, designed to help organizations get immediate performance improvement while relieving themselves from the burden of planning, executing, and maintaining a fully developed digital experience monitoring strategy. The Catchpoint Managed Monitoring Service combines synthetic and real … continue reading

Catchpoint expands monitoring network with Cloud Nodes

Catchpoint, the digital experience monitoring (DEM) expert, today further expanded its industry-leading network of monitoring location options with Cloud Nodes, which monitors in multiple regions of the six major cloud providers, and an updated Enterprise Nodes offering, for fast-start monitoring from any location. These solutions address the challenges of ensuring stellar performance (speed, reachability, reliability, and … continue reading Protection Status

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