Catchpoint has announced the release of Internet Intelligence, a new monitoring capability that will give organizations deeper visibility into their networks.

According to the monitoring company, the solution continuously monitors network health and paths to clouds, CDNs, or other distributed architectures in order to show how the network is impacting end user experience. It can also isolate network degradations across broadband, transit, last mile, and wireless ISP networks.

The company hopes Internet Intelligence will help organizations deal with data breaches by enabling teams to detect route changes, hijacks, leaks, and broken paths, which allows them to localize and mitigate incidents.

In addition, the solution reduces time-to-detection and enables organizations to optimize delivery speeds by adjusting network peering, Catchpoint explained.

“It is critical to know how the internet at large is impacting your customers’ experience, and therefore, your business,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint. “Any company with a large and diverse infrastructure footprint, or which relies on multiple clouds, CDNs, and DNS providers, understands the challenge of isolating network health when troubleshooting. By continuously testing from diverse networks and types, ISPs and geographies, we bring a new level of visibility and baselining to better understand reachability, availability and performance.”