Catchpoint today announced the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, which combines the network and application experience and how the user’s device is performing all in one.

The metric provides visibility into all necessary components of the service delivery chain that account for true end-user experience, according to the company. 

“If you have no real visibility into the quality of employee experience on the apps, networks, and devices they interact with every day, how can you make it any better?” said Mehdi Daoudi, the CEO of Catchpoint. “IT teams can go beyond the basic visibility that other solutions provide to deeply analyze and optimize the complete digital experience.”  

With the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, IT teams can keep a pulse on their workforce’s digital experiences. 

The experience score is a composite of endpoint, network, and application scores that helps provide a summary of the overall end-user experience. 

The endpoint score is calculated by factoring in device-specific metrics such as CPU and memory utilization. The network score is calculated with network measurements such as packet loss and round-trip time. Lastly, the application score uses load times, perceived application performance, and additional factors such as errors or timeouts.