In an effort to help managed service providers (MSPs) mitigate the Log4j vulnerability, Datto has released a free tool. The Endpoint Assessment Tool can enumerate vulnerable systems, detect intrusion attempts, and protect Windows systems against attacks. 

“During this critical time, I am pleased to see there has been some great information sharing and that we are really coming together as a community,” said Ryan Weeks, chief information security officer at Datto. “However, the Log4j response is going to require diligence for weeks to come as more vulnerabilities are released, as nuances in the mitigations are understood, and as exploits evolve.”

Rancher Labs announces Harvester 1.0.0

This marks the first general availability release of Harvester, which is a tool for implementing hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) on bare metal servers.  

Highlights of the 1.0.0 release include proxy support for accessing external services, backup and restoration of VM metadata on existing and new clusters, an improved method for importing Harvester clusters, and more. 

More information about this release is available here

ServiceMax releases Spark 360

Spark 360 is an implementation package for ServiceMax Asset 360 deployments. It was designed to enable fast implementation to enable companies to achieve increased service profitability, asset visibility, and agility.

Key features include asset hierarchy management, location management, asset uptime and downtime capabilities and reporting, automated maintenance work, and work order assignment management. 

“With global conditions rapidly changing on an almost daily basis due to COVID-19, supply chain disruptions, ‘the great resignation,’ and other factors, keeping infrastructure running and doing so efficiently and cost-effectively is now more paramount than ever,” said Dave Kahley, senior vice president of customer solutions at ServiceMax. “Spark 360 enables new clients to quickly implement our Asset 360 product and start seeing the benefits of their transformation right away.”