ServiceNow announces LightStep Notebooks

ServiceNow, the SaaS cloud and computing software company, today announced LightStep Notebooks in order to deliver unified, comprehensive analysis across applications and infrastructure. This release allows developers to analyze data through visualizations while creating a structured view of the investigation steps as well as a path to resolution. LightStep Notebooks also enables SREs and developers … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Nephio

Nephio is an open-source initiative in the telecommunications industry that consists of industry partners who are working towards true cloud-native automation in large scale edge deployments. According to the project website, existing orchestration methods for distributed cloud prevent companies from taking advantage of the dynamic capabilities of infrastructure platforms. Nephio hopes to address the “initial … continue reading

Zscaler announces new Zero Trust capabilities

Zscaler announced newly advanced AI/ML innovations for better user protection and digital experience monitoring in Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange security platform. This comes as organizations are facing a 314% increase in cyberattacks on encrypted internet traffic and an 80% increase in ransomware with nearly a 120% increase in double extortion attacks, the company found in … continue reading

NVIDIA becomes founding member of OPI project

NVIDIA announced that it cofounded a Linux Foundation project to democratize innovations in the data center and to further open the NVIDIA DOCA data processing unit software to software providers. The Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) project aims to create a community-driven, standards-based open ecosystem to accelerate networking and other data center infrastructure tasks, according to … continue reading

Moogsoft expands event correlation capabilities in latest platform update

AIOps company Moogsoft has announced new features that will give IT operators great insights and offer more compatibility with various tools.  A number of updates are related to correlation. Incident origin is a new feature that specifies which correlation was used to create an incident, correlation containers allow for grouping of correlation definitions, and correlation … continue reading

Red Hat and Ericsson partner to help service providers build multi-vendor networks

Red Hat and Ericsson announced a collaboration for validating network functions and platforms to enable service providers to bring next-generation services to market faster in a multi-vendor scenario.  The companies are immersed in a broader ecosystem collaboration to simplify the integration of different technologies and suppliers since multi-vendor networks require proven interoperability to maintain flexibility … continue reading

Cloudflare expands zero trust platform

Cloudflare announced several new capabilities for Cloudflare One, its Zero Trust SASE platform, including email security protection, data loss prevention tools, cloud access security broker (CASB), and private network discovery. “When I sit with customers, they share that one of the most daunting aspects of Zero Trust security is simply where to begin. Making matters … continue reading

Datadog Observability Pipelines provides greater control over observability data

The monitoring company Datadog has announced a new tool for collecting, managing, and routing observability data. Datadog Observability Pipelines will allow companies to have more control of their observability data, which will enable them to scale their observability practice.  “As the amount of telemetry continues to grow at an organization, teams are often completely overwhelmed—if … continue reading

Zebrium launches Root Cause as a Service enabling popular observability tools to automatically find the root cause of software problems and outages

Zebrium, the leader in the use of machine learning to automatically find the root cause of software problems, today announced that it has launched Zebrium Root Cause as a Service (RCaaS), a new solution that adds the capability for monitoring and observability tools such as Datadog, New Relic, Elastic, Dynatrace, Grafana, AppDynamics, ScienceLogic, and others … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Grafana OnCall

Grafana Labs recently open-sourced its solution for managing on-call employees, Grafana OnCall. It was developed in 2018 at Amixr, which was previously the name of the tool as well. Grafana Labs acquired Amixr in 2021 and then launched the tool on Grafana Cloud.  It integrates with your monitoring system so that when something abnormal is … continue reading

Canonical Ubuntu Core 22 now available

Today, the software company Canonical announced that the fully containerized Ubuntu 22.04 LTS variant, Ubuntu Core 22, is now generally available.  This release is optimized for IoT edge devices and, combined with Canonical’s technology offer, provides Ubuntu’s comprehensive operating system (OS) and services to a range of embedded and IoT devices. Ubuntu Core 22 works … continue reading

Grafana 9.0 available with new visual query builder

Grafana Labs is introducing new visualizations and alerting improvements in the latest version of its platform, which is Grafana 9.0. A new visual query builder is available for Prometheus and Grafana Loki, as writing queries for those data sources can be a barrier for those new to those tools. By offering a visual builder, users … continue reading

Mind the gap in your network monitoring software

Traditional network monitoring software fills basic needs but also leaves critical gaps in modern network performance and end-user experience visibility, pushing IT leaders to rethink their network monitoring strategies. The blog reveals how the Broadcom Software approach to Experience-Driven NetOps can help your organization bridge the gap between network delivery and the digital experience monitoring, … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Orb

Backed by NS1 Labs, Orb is an open-source tool for edge observability that utilizes dynamic policy orchestration in order to extract real-time insights from traffic streams at the edge.  Those insights are then transformed into actions through integration with modern observability stacks, leading to accelerated time-to-action and a reduction in price. With Orb, users can … continue reading

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