Cerbos Hub launches to simplify deployment of authorization policies

The authorization company Cerbos has announced the general availability of Cerbos Hub, which is a management system for authoring, testing, and deploying authorization policies using the company’s open-source authorization layer Policy Decision Point (PDP). With PDP, authorization policies are separated from application code, which allows authorization to scale and change as the application’s needs change … continue reading

Securing client-facing apps in a hostile, risk-filled 21st century

The digital landscape is exploding with client-facing apps as they become an essential element for businesses to meet consumer expectations, with the Apple Store now offering 1.96 million apps and the Google Play store boasting 2.87 million apps. On top of this, a whopping 148.2 billion mobile, desktop, and web apps were downloaded in 2023. … continue reading

Druva announces new Threat Hunting capability for getting insights into potential threats

The security company Druva has announced new capabilities to help customers more efficiently investigate and remediate cyber threats.  It launched a new Threat Hunting capability for indicators of compromise (IOC) that provides IT and security teams with insights into the gestation, timeline, and impact of potential threats in their environment. According to the company, traditional … continue reading

Cloud Canaries Introduces Intelligent Canaries to Disrupt the Observability Market

Cloud Canaries, a Cloud Intelligence company, today launched to improve how organizations monitor and optimize their cloud environments. Its Intelligent Canaries help software engineering and delivery teams practicing DevOps proactively detect, predict and autonomously resolve system issues before they impact operations. With Cloud Canaries, teams can create and deploy canaries in minutes and at a … continue reading

Red Hat OpenShift 4.16 now available with several new virtualization features

Red Hat has announced the latest version of OpenShift, its Kubernetes-based application development and deployment platform.  “Being able to more quickly modernize both infrastructure and applications are crucial capabilities to better support customer needs — but this can’t be done overnight,” said Mike Barrett, vice president and general manager of Hybrid Cloud Platforms at Red … continue reading

Report: Majority of security pros admit to using “shadow SaaS” apps

A recent survey from Next DLP revealed that over the last year, 73% of security professionals have used used “shadow Saas,” or SaaS applications not provided or approved by their IT teams. Further, even though they are using shadow SaaS, they admitted to being aware of the risks of doing so, with the most commonly … continue reading

Q&A: What the consolidation of the SIEM market means for IT

Over the last several months, multiple security information and event management (SIEM) platforms have either merged or been acquired. LogRhythm merged with Exabeam, Palo Alto Networks acquired IBM’s QRadar portfolio, and Cisco acquired Splunk.  To talk about why this is happening and what it all means, Chas Clawson, field CTO at Sumo Logic, joined the … continue reading

Siren – ITOps Times Open Source Project of the Week

In an effort to help maintainers of open source projects combat security threats, the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) has created a mailing list called Siren to enable sharing of information about vulnerabilities.  “While consumers and enterprises may have intelligence sharing structures in place, this does not always extend to the upstream open source community. … continue reading

ScienceLogic announces integration with Cisco Intersight

ScienceLogic has announced that its AIOps platform now integrates with Cisco’s data center management solution, Cisco Intersight, which enables customers to easily monitor their Cisco servers.  This is one of many updates the company has announced to its platform. It also announced support for OAuth 2.0 for several ServiceNow SyncPacks, which are files that contain … continue reading

Q-Day prepping: What businesses can do now to address quantum security risks

If you’re of a certain vintage, you’ll remember Y2K – the disaster-that-wasn’t because organizations around the world carefully prepared for what could have been a catastrophic disruption to digital systems. As quantum computing technology matures, we’re primed to face another Y2K-like event: Q-Day, meaning the point at which quantum computers become capable of breaking traditional … continue reading

Solo.io releases Gloo AI Gateway

Application networking company Solo.io today is releasing Gloo AI Gateway, designed to accelerate AI innovation. “AI Gateway is the most significant new trend in the API management and API gateway space,” said Idit Levine, CEO and founder of Solo.io, in the announcement. “As customers continue to adopt AI, we’re providing the ability to leverage Gloo … continue reading

New Relic DEM provides insights that help companies improve user experience

New Relic is releasing a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution to enable companies to improve performance and user experience across mobile, web, and AI apps.  New Relic DEM offers real user monitoring (RUM), which provides visibility into all user interactions across web and mobile platforms. Companies can use this information to identify bottlenecks and optimize … continue reading

Achieving Proper Data Governance by Training Centrally; Inferring Locally; and Protecting Data Everywhere

After devoting much of 2023 to AI pilots and experiments following the debut of ChatGPT and GenAI, AI-minded organizations are now working to scale their AI initiatives to capitalize on their early but limited successes. Their goal? To integrate advanced AI capabilities across their operations for greater efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. An April KPMG survey found that … continue reading

Mirantis Introduces OpenStack for Kubernetes

Mirantis, providing organizations with total control over their strategic infrastructure using open-source software, today announced the release of Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) 24.2 with an exclusive dynamic resource balancer feature that automates workload distribution to solve hotspot and “noisy neighbor” problems. Now, MOSK automatically redistributes workloads within a cluster helping to balance resource consumption to prevent … continue reading

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