Report: Careless end users are an organization’s biggest security threat

IT operations teams are focusing their efforts on securing their networks and applications from outside threats, but the greatest threat to an organization may be its own users. A recent survey of 500 IT professionals from BetterCloud revealed that 91 percent of IT professionals feel vulnerable to insider threats. According to the survey, 62 percent … continue reading

Portworx Enterprise 2.1 enables advanced security and disaster recovery

Portworx has announced the latest release of its cloud-native data management platform. According to the company, Portworx Enterprise 2.1 includes new features for security and disaster recovery. The company added new role-based security features to PX-Security. Previously, PX-Security had granular “bring-your-own-key” encryption. By extending the solution to include role-based authentication, authorization, and ownership, organizations will … continue reading

Escalated launches fraud prevention and monitoring platform to stop malicious bots

Monitoring company Escalated has announced a new SaaS platform that is designed to stop malicious bot activity. The solution is designed to monitor and safeguard websites, ad campaigns, or other online activity from invalid traffic. According to the company, malicious bots can create fraudulent ad impressions that cause anomalies, skewing data collection and analysis, harming … continue reading

SysAid updates its ITSM solution with redesigned UI

IT service management provider SysAid has just launched a new update to its ITSM solution that introduces a redesigned user interface. The company believes that the new UI will allow IT admins to resolve tickets faster because they will have access to all of the tools and data they need in one window. SysAid worked … continue reading

AMD chips are not affected by the Spoiler vulnerability

Earlier this month, researchers revealed a vulnerability in Intel processors that enables various speculative execution attacks. According to the researchers, the Spoiler vulnerability is caused by “a weakness in the address speculation of Intel’s proprietary implementation of the memory subsystem which directly leaks timing behavior due to physical address conflicts.” According to the researches, Spoiler … continue reading

Insight OneCall now includes Commvault’s data backup and recovery solutions

Insight Enterprises has announced that it is expanding Insight OneCall to include Commvault’s data backup and recovery solutions. Insight OneCall is the company’s support and managed services solution. Insight customers will now get access to all of Commvault’s converged IT solutions. This includes Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery, Commvault HyperScale, Commvault Orchestate, and Commvault Activate. … continue reading

Microsoft and Facebook start the Co-Packaged Optics Collaboration to address growing networking demands

Data center architectures are changing rapidly and that’s putting a lot of pressure on IT organizations trying to keep up with the greater networking demands. To address that challenge, Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up to form the Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) Collaboration, which will be a project under the Joint Development Foundation. According to Microsoft, … continue reading

Mozilla launches free encrypted file transfer service

Mozilla has decided to graduate one of its Test Pilot experiments: Firefox Send. According to Mozilla, Send is an encrypted file transfer service that can be used from a browser. Senders will be able to customize file options, such as when the file link expires, the allotted number of downloads, and the ability to add … continue reading

New service mesh emerges from the creators of gRPC and Istio

The creators of gRPC and Istio have created a new enterprise-grade service mesh that is launching today. Tetrate is built on top of Istio and Envoy, and adds enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and ecosystem adapters. Envoy is a network load balancer for microservices, while Istio is a service mesh that acts as a control plane layer … continue reading

Lightbits Labs introduces new production NVMe/TCP solution to bring hyperscale storage to the cloud

Lightbits Labs, a big proponent of the NVMe/TCP standard, has announced a new solution for bringing hyperscale agility to data center storage. LightOS and the LightField storage acceleration card are NVMe/TCP solutions that provide a Global Flash Transition Layer (GFTL) over high-performance networks. According to the company, this new solution will save organizations time and … continue reading

The Linux Foundation to form the CHIPS Alliance project for silicon devices

The Linux Foundation has announced plans to form the CHIPS Alliance, which will host and curate open-source code related to designing silicon devices. CHIPS Alliance will facilitate a collaborative environment that will allow for the accelerated creation and deployment of improved chip designs that will be used in mobile, computing, consumer electronics, and IoT applications. … continue reading

F5 Networks brings NetOps and DevOps together with NGINX acquisition

As part of its effort to bridge NetOps and DevOps, F5 Networks has announced that it is acquiring application delivery company NGINX for $670 million. According to the company, bringing the two together will enable users to focus more on their applications instead of having to worry about their infrastructure. “F5’s acquisition of NGINX strengthens … continue reading

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