Weaveworks, the company who first coined the term “GitOps,” has announced the general availability of Weave GitOps Enterprise.

Weave GitOps Enterprise is a commercial offering that builds on the open source GitOps Core project. It adds features that will be beneficial to companies with large Kubernetes deployments.

“Weave GitOps Enterprise is the first enterprise GitOps platform that increases software delivery and operational performance for Kubernetes infrastructure and application teams. GitOps unites application development and IT operations by enabling earlier collaboration in the development process while delivering greater security, predictability and visibility throughout the entire application lifecycle. Teams can automate Kubernetes through continuous application delivery and operational control at any scale and across deployment types including hybrid cloud, multi cloud and edge,” Weaveworks wrote in a blog post

Key benefits of the enterprise offering include the ability for operations and developers to work together more efficiently, abstraction of complexity, GitOps automation, consistency across the technology stack, a single high-level view of the health of a Kubernetes fleet, and extensibility. 

One key feature in Weave GitOps Enterprise is the web user interface, which displays information such as alerts, the application catalogue, and the cluster template library. The cluster management and profile catalogues can also be accessed via Git pull requests and merges to enable automation of workflows. 

Cluster management capabilities allow customers to manage their clusters from one place using a self-service model. According to Weaveworks, self-service management helps reduce bottlenecks with operations teams and give developers more autonomy. 

Existing clusters can be imported, or customers can define templates for creating new clusters. 

Application profiles get defined in catalogues, which are a set of approved applications that can be installed on clusters. Weaveworks compares catalogues as being similar to a package manager like brew or apt. 

In addition to the release of Weave GitOps Enterprise, the company also announced that Deutsche Telekom is the first global telco company to run Kubernetes across core and edge sites. Weaveworks worked with the company to provide an open, GitOps-enabled, and distributed Kubernetes Cluster-as-a-Service at scale. This enabled the telco company to allow its thousands of application owners and vendors to securely deploy their workflows. 

“In 2019 we saw that Kubernetes and containers would transform how we deliver software inside telcos. By using best of breed open source and selected leading contributors to cloud native technology as partners, we could enable a rapid 5G rollout,” said Abdu Mudesir, SVP Technology at Deutsche Telekom. “As soon as we empowered our internal Kubernetes platform team to move forward with Weaveworks’ support, they shipped a working system into production in a matter of months, and onto 5G in 2021. All this has been possible through the GitOps model.”