GitOps maturity model

Weaveworks is trying to make it easier for companies to adopt GitOps. It launched Weave GitOps, which is an application delivery and operations platform for multi-cloud environments. 

GitOps is a concept originating from Weaveworks in which Git is used as the single source of truth for Kubernetes environments. Since its creation, companies like AWS, Codefresh, GitHub, and Microsoft have worked together on developing its principles. 

Weave GitOps comes in two different tiers: Weave GitOps Core and Weave GitOps Enterprise

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Core is designed for developers and DevOps teams to be able to automate their application life cycles. It allows teams to quickly get started with GitOps. According to Weaveworks, it can be installed in only two commands and the UI can be used to deploy applications to Kubernetes clusters. 

Enterprise is more for platform and operations teams, and it offers capabilities like continuous operations and control of Kubernetes fleets. Operators can use the control plane to observe any Kubernetes cluster, operate managed or self-installed Kubernetes, and manage application life cycles. 

“Weave GitOps aims to democratize GitOps for Kubernetes, in the same way that GitHub did for Git to accelerate adoption,” explained Alexis Richardson, founder and CEO of Weaveworks. “With our enterprise tier, organizations can use GitOps to deploy and manage their Kubernetes applications and infrastructure securely and reliably.”