Oracle is giving users an easier way to develop microservices-based applications. The company announced the Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment at Oracle Open World in San Francisco this week.

According to Oracle, enterprises that are trying to decompose their apps into microservices are having a hard time finding the right technologies to help speed up the process. “Cloud native microservices-based applications offer the agility and increased productivity needed. However, most IT operations are overwhelmed with the changing cloud native technology landscape,” Honglin Su, senior director of product management at Oracle, wrote in a post.

While traditionally enterprises have build their own cloud-native environments from open source, that comes with the complexity of choosing the appropriate software and making sure it all works together. Another option has been to use a stack or distribution from a software provider. This provides the necessary support, but also comes with the risk of being locked in with a particular vendor.

The Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment is a curated set of open-source projects from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The company explained that the CNCF projects provide open standards, specifications and APIs necessary for cloud-native microservice solutions. Oracle is currently a platinum member of the CNCF and constantly tracks and contributes to the CNCF community.

“With the Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment, Oracle provides the features for customers to develop microservices-based applications that can be deployed in environments that support open standards and specifications,” Su wrote.

The environment includes container infrastructure, container orchestration and management, cloud-native networking, cloud-native storage, CI/CD, and observability and diagnostic tools.