The GitOps company, Weaveworks, has announced the release of Weave GitOps 2022.03. This comes as an update to the full-stack GitOps platform to automate application delivery and secure infrastructure operations on premise, in the cloud, or at the edge. 

Teams can now securely deploy and manage applications continuously with built in policy as code within Weave GitOps. This provides users with faster innovation, agility, and competitive advantage. 

This release works to integrate DevSecOps into application CI/CD pipelines and brings users several new features. Due to the integration of policy as code into GitOps pipelines, configuration and security policies are stored in Git’s version control where changes made are sent through a pipeline that verifies, deploys, and monitors them. 

Weave GitOps 2022.03 also offers high levels of governance and compliance while still maintaining high deployment frequency by automatically sending deployments through pre-flight checks. This results in a reduction in the number of steps that development teams need to remember.

Additionally, users have the ability to decide where and how policies are applied based on environment, workload, geography, or other parameters. 

This release also brings upgrades to Weave GitOps Core, the open-source extension for Flux. It has now been enhanced with an application observability UI that shows the Flux system’s health as well as the status of workloads being deployed using GitOps. 

“As it stands, the entire industry has grown used to an approach whereby configuration is verified after deployment and problems are fixed after the fact,” said Alexis Richardson, founder and CEO of Weaveworks. “Integrating policy as code into the GitOps pipeline allows errors or vulnerabilities to be caught automatically before they make it into production and become a significant cost to the organization. Trusted application delivery – with its declarative approach to compliance and security – will certainly become standard in enterprise’s use of GitOps.