Weaveworks announced a new GitOps extension on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes to govern and control hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

The companies created the integration with a joint goal of providing a robust, secure and user-friendly solution to enable the running of Kubernetes clusters everywhere, from other public clouds to private clouds, bare metal, and the edge.

Weaveworks created the the Flux Configuration Resource, an Azure high level abstraction that integrates sources such as Git repos, object containers, or Helm Repositories and workloads (both Helm releases as well as Kustomizations) into a single object that can be created and in turn produce the various underlying Flux CRs.

The Flux installation and configuration will be handled automatically through the installation of Flux v2 into the cluster and enabling the Kubernetes configuration add-on.

Developers can easily create resources using a familiar CLI that is able to operate Flux Configurations in your AKS or Arc Managed Kubernetes Cluster done through official Azure tooling. 

“And naturally, no integration would be complete without proper visibility into these resources across your various clusters. The Azure team did a phenomenal job in enabling visibility into Flux Configurations from the familiar Azure Portal,” the Weaveworks team wrote in a blog post