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Report: 55% of teams agree that built-in monitoring is most important AIOps feature

The digital operations management company OpsRamp today released the findings from its study on the state of AIOps technology adoption and development. It was revealed that Built-in monitoring and native instrumentation is considered the most important feature by over half of respondents (55%).  Despite 70% of MSPs and 62% of enterprises having concerns about the … continue reading

Dispelling the misconceptions around observability

Observability is a term that’s being used to describe just about anything to do with monitoring, but it’s not as simple as just monitoring the performance of an application or server. Observability can provide you with so much more information that traditional monitoring could.  In order to dispel some of the common misconceptions about observability, … continue reading

Report: IT teams feeling overwhelmed by too many tools

IT operations teams are feeling swarmed by the number of tools they use for monitoring.  According to a new survey from OpsRamp, a vast majority of respondents (95%) indicated that they use at least five tools on a daily basis. Half of respondents said they used more than 10 tools.  These numbers have the potential … continue reading

Rapid onboarding guide in the OpsRamp Spring 2021 release

OpsRamp Spring 2021 release offers rapid onboarding

The OpsRamp Spring 2021 release is now available, and it includes faster onboarding, observability improvements, data-driven insights, and more.  To help with onboarding, OpsRamp offers a hybrid cloud wizard that provides a guide for discovering and monitoring cloud native infrastructure. Once IT teams provide OpsRamp with information on their infrastructure, the platform will automatically be … continue reading

OpsRamp rolls out two new solutions for WFH IT management

OpsRamp is aiming to make network management easier for remote companies. It has announced two new products to do so: OpsRamp NetFlow and OpsRamp Unified Communications monitoring. “As work-from-home became the new normal in 2020, use of digital communications and collaboration systems exploded,” said Ciaran Byrne, vice president of product management at OpsRamp. “IT Operations … continue reading

Report: IT spending still increasing despite COVID-19 pandemic

Enterprise IT organizations are still accelerating or maintaining their digital transformation initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent report found 58% of IT leaders expected to significantly or moderately increase annual technology budgets. Additionally, 73% of IT operations and DevOps team leaders are finding value in their digital products and services during this time.  The … continue reading

OpsRamp raises $37.5 million to grow its AIOps platform

AIOps company OpsRamp has announced that it has closed a $37.5 million funding round. The company explained it will use this new funding to scale its discovery, monitoring, and automation platform.  “The business opportunity for OpsRamp is tremendous,” said Varma Kunaparaju, co-founder and CEO of OpsRamp. “Modernizing legacy IT operations management, technology debt, and supporting … continue reading

Report: What is holding back digital transformation?

Traditional IT operations challenges, like conflicts between Dev and Ops, siloed teams, and reactive incident management, are roadblocks to success in a digital world. In a new report called “Adapt or Perish: The OpsRamp Report on Modern IT Operation in the Digital Age,” OpsRamp set out to determine what factors prevent IT teams from embracing … continue reading

OpsRamp Fall 2019 Release

ITOps Times news digest: OpsRamp Fall 2019 Release, Prometheus 2.13, and CloudBees’ Technical Alliance Partner Program

The OpsRamp Fall 2019 Release is now available. According to OpsRamp, this release includes enhancements to event management and intelligent correlation machine learning models. It also adds new multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring capabilities for AWS and GCP.  “Our customers have told us that they’d like to have more visibility and control into how machine learning models … continue reading

OpsRamp aims to build confidence in machine learning models with OpsQ

Automation is becoming ever more important for IT operations teams, and OpsRamp has announced a new solution that aims to make AIOps even easier. OpsQ is designed to provide intelligent event management, alert correlation, and remediation. The company hopes that this solution will help build confidence in machine learning models for IT. According to the … continue reading

OpsRamp introduces new monitoring capabilities for cloud-native workloads

OpsRamp has announced new features across its AIOps SaaS portfolio. Its Winter Release introduces new topology maps, enhanced AIOps features, and new monitoring capabilities for cloud-native workloads. The new topology maps include application topology; hypervisor topology for virtual machines, hypervisor servers, and clusters; and enhanced service maps with a new user interface for identifying underlying … continue reading

OpsRamp brings machine learning to IT operations with OpsQ

AIOps platform provider OpsRamp is releasing OpsQ, is new intelligent event management, alert correlation, and remediation solution. The new release will enable IT operations to optimize and automate tasks by understanding the impact of an IT issue and ensure that service is restored as fast as possible. OpsRamp OpsQ uses machine learning models to learn … continue reading Protection Status

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