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ITOps Open-Source Project of the Week: Hermes

Hermes is HashiCorps’ newly open-sourced document management system built to streamline writing and document processes.  The company originally created the project in June 2022 to help its team members author, review, approve, discover, and deprecate documents.  For its backend, Hermes utilizes Golang and for its front end, Ember.js. Storage is provided by a PostgreSQL database … continue reading

HashiConf Global: What’s on the roadmap for Terraform

HashiCorp’s annual conference HashiConf Global started today, and after a keynote where new and upcoming products that developers and operators could get excited about were discussed, the company’s vice president of engineering, Paul Hinze, joined the stage to share some recent developments for the company’s flagship product Terraform, as well as new features on the … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: HashiCorp Consul-Terraform-Sync 0.3, Platform9 joins Intel’s Open Retail Initiative, and Rafay Systems funding

HashiCorp has announced the release of Consul-Terraform-Sync 0.3 for Terraform Enterprise. The latest release enables organizations to more dynamically manage their Day 2 networking, and ensure governance and security. With the new integration with Terraform Enterprise, customers will now be able to scale resources, reduce risk, improve automation controls, simplify auditing, and apply compliance policies. … continue reading

Auto-resolve PagerDuty incidents in LogDNA

ITOps Times news digest: LogDNA and PagerDuty integration, Opsera and HashiCorp partnership, and Grafana Labs funding

LogDNA has announced a new feature for its PagerDuty integration: the ability to auto-resolve PagerDuty Incidents. This enables SREs to be more confident in when an incident is truly over and eliminates the need to manually go through logs and monitor infrastructure to determine when a system is back up.  Customers can define a number … continue reading

HashiCorp Vault 1.8 released with new Vault Diagnose command

HashiCorp Vault 1.8 offers a new Vault Diagnose command, Key Management secrets engine AWS GA support, updates to Integrated Storage Autopilot, and more. The new ‘vault operator diagnose’ command enables users to do faster troubleshooting and user-friendly diagnostics in situations when Vault is not starting. “Troubleshooting is a fundamental task for Vault operators. However, root … continue reading

How Consul-Terraform-Sync works

ITOps Times news digest: Consul-Terraform-Sync, Platform9’s new managed Kubernetes offering, and Ericsson Open Lab

HashiCorp has announced the release of Consul-Terraform-Sync. The solution is part of the company’s larger Network Infrastructure Automation solution.  IT operators can define a set of tasks that Consul-Terraform-Sync then executes whenever a new service is registered or deregistered with Consul. Example tasks include applying firewall policies and updating load balancer member pools.  The solution … continue reading

Delphix ransomware solution

ITOps Times news digest: Delphix updates, HCP Vault beta, and Platform9 updates

Delphix has announced updates to its ransomware protection solution. New capabilities include maximum coverage for high change rates, data immutability, open box data testing and validation, and air gap data isolation. “You can drive a truck through the holes in legacy ransomware solutions,” said Jedidiah Yueh, CEO of Delphix. “Once-a-day backups are insufficient. Companies can’t … continue reading

HashiCorp to power automated infrastructure management in multi-cloud environments

HashiCorp has announced a new solution that will enable IT operators to automate infrastructure management in the cloud. HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) allows customers to provision, secure, connect, and run cloud-based infrastructure with little to no operational burden.  “HashiCorp tools are used and operated by many community members and customers, but managing clusters and maintaining … continue reading

image of HashiCorp Consul 1.6 service mesh gateway. Source: HashiCorp

HashiCorp Consul 1.6 will feature Layer 7 traffic management and a new service mesh gateway

Today at HashiConf EU, HashiCorp announced two new features for its networking solution Consul. Now available in beta, HashiCorp Consul 1.6 will be generally available later in the summer. Layer 7 traffic management was one of the new features announced today. It will allow for dynamic routing at the application layer, which will support various … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Terraform

HashiCorp’s open-source project Terraform is increasingly becoming more popular as organizations look for new ways to create and maintain infrastructure. Terraform is designed to write, plan and create infrastructure as code. In Thoughtworks’ latest technology radar, the company dubbed it the “de facto choice for creating and managing cloud infrastructures by writing declarative definitions.” While … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Rancher 2 Terraform Provider, NGINX Ingress Controller 1.5, and HPE to acquire Cray

HashiCorp has made its Rancher2 Terraform provider generally available. According to HashiCorp, the provider is used for interacting with resources supported by Rancher v2. Terraform is the company’s open-source project for cloud infrastructures. Rancher Labs has been working on a Terraform provider for Rancher 2.x ever since releasing version 2 due to the popularity of … continue reading

HashiCorp’s multi-cloud infrastructure automation suite gets several new updates

HashiCorp announced new updates to its multi-cloud infrastructure automation suite at its user and technology conference HashiConf 2018. “The reality for the vast majority of the Global 2000 is and likely always will be ‘multi-cloud,’” said Dave McJannet, CEO of HashiCorp. “We continue to invest deeply across our product suite so that our users can … continue reading Protection Status

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