HashiCorp has made its Rancher2 Terraform provider generally available. According to HashiCorp, the provider is used for interacting with resources supported by Rancher v2. Terraform is the company’s open-source project for cloud infrastructures.

Rancher Labs has been working on a Terraform provider for Rancher 2.x ever since releasing version 2 due to the popularity of the Terraform Provider for Rancher 1.x, the company explained.

NGINX Ingress Controller 1.5
NGINX has released version 1.5 of the NGINX Ingress Controller. This version adds new configuration resources, new Prometheus metrics, and support for a wildcard TLS certificate and ExternalNames services.

The release also adds a number of bug fixes and a new version of helm chart. According to NGINX, the new helm chart version uses different names for generated resources, enabling deployment of multiple Ingress Controllers in a cluster. One side effect of this, however, is that helm recreates resources during the upgrade from the previous version, rather than updating existing ones. This can cause issues for the Service, Deployment/DaemonSet, and ConfigMap resources.

HPE plans to acquire Cray
HPE has revealed its intention to acquire Cray, a provider of supercomputers. HPE hopes that this acquisition will accelerate its efforts to tackle data-intensive challenges.

“Answers to some of society’s most pressing challenges are buried in massive amounts of data,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO of HPE. “Only by processing and analyzing this data will we be able to unlock the answers to critical challenges across medicine, climate change, space and more. Cray is a global technology leader in supercomputing and shares our deep commitment to innovation. By combining our world-class teams and technology, we will have the opportunity to drive the next generation of high performance computing and play an important part in advancing the way people live and work.”

The transaction is valued at about $1.3 billion and is expected to close in the first quarter of HPE’s 2020 fiscal year.

Marconi launches Mainnet platform for building distributed networks
Networking company Marconi has announced the launch of Mainnet. Mainnet is a platform for building and securing distributed networks. According to Marcone, Mainnet will enable users to easily launch networking services, including blockchain security, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud connectivity, advanced firewalls, and deep packet inspection.

“When building and scaling data centers and networks for thousands of devices at Google, we often needed thousands of networking appliances just to support the devices. Each network appliance had to be a specialized piece of hardware that was not only expensive, but difficult to update and manage,” said Jong Kim, chief architect for Marconi. “With the Marconi Protocol, you don’t need deep networking expertise or specialized hardware to set up a robust and flexible network, and you surely won’t need to buy new hardware when you want added functionality.”