Hermes is HashiCorps’ newly open-sourced document management system built to streamline writing and document processes. 

The company originally created the project in June 2022 to help its team members author, review, approve, discover, and deprecate documents. 

For its backend, Hermes utilizes Golang and for its front end, Ember.js. Storage is provided by a PostgreSQL database and Algolia is used for its search capabilities.

Currently, Hermes supports Google Workspace. Once users login to Hermes, they can create document drafts using Google Docs. Users can share drafts with collaborators and then send the documents for approval to other team members. 

The company stated that it plans to add more features as the project and use cases grow in areas such as document recommendations so that users can see recommended documents tailored to the document they like in the Hermes dashboard. Other expansions will include an advanced sharing and approval workflow and other related resources. 

“As the company has grown, we’ve created new ways for teams to create and share documents — amongst themselves and across the entire organization. To cope with the scaling challenges we built Hermes, a document management system designed to help HashiCorp employees author, review, approve, discover, and deprecate documents,” Anubhav Mishra, advisor to the CTO and head of HashiCorp wrote in a blog post. “Today, we are pleased to open source Hermes to the rest of the world.”