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Gartner’s top 10 technologies driving the future of I&O

Gartner has released predictions on 10 technologies it believes will drive the future of infrastructure and operations (I&O) in the next few years.  “To succeed in the digital business era, innovation leaders need to drive ‘creative destruction,’ often willing to fundamentally rethink the technology architecture, deployment environment and operating models. We have analyzed many transformative … continue reading

Gartner predicts an infrastructure-led disruption is coming

The infrastructure and operations space is expected to go through major changes over the next couple of years. At its IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies conference, Gartner predicted that by 2025 more than half of I&O leaders will turn to disruptive technologies to drive business innovation. This is up from less than 5% that … continue reading

The urgency for intelligent automation

Software development teams have been applying automation to their manual processes for years, but it is not a tool just for developers to run tests automatically and repeatedly. In order to achieve true agility, every aspect of a business needs to become more automated and the way they do that also needs to become more … continue reading

premium Top 10 technology trends impacting infrastructure and operations

As organizations strive to align IT and operational technology to drive digital business innovation, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders should focus on 10 key technology trends to support these initiatives. The 10 key technology trends that affect I&O fall under three areas – strategic, tactical, and organizational. The trends link to aspects of society and … continue reading

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