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ITOps Times news digest: IBM Power Systems comes to Google Cloud, Instana announces CRI-O support, and Equinix acquires Packet

Google Cloud has announced users can now run IBM Power Systems as a service on its cloud. According to Google, IBM Power Systems is a crucial tool for organizations deploying a hybrid cloud strategy. The solution features the ability to support mission critical workloads, integrated billing in Google Cloud, private API access, integrated customer support, … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: gVisor

Google has developed a sandbox for container runtimes called gVisor that is focused on security, efficiency, and ease of use. “Containers are not a sandbox. While containers have revolutionized how we develop, package, and deploy applications, running untrusted or potentially malicious code without additional isolation is not a good idea. The efficiency and performance gains … continue reading

KubeCon Day 2: Oracle’s new cloud-native solutions, Rancher Labs’ K3s, and Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

The second day of KubeCon is underway, and companies are still announcing new products or updates to existing solutions. Here are some announcements that we made today: Oracle announces new cloud-native solutions  Oracle has announced a number of new solutions and updates. It announced that on December 3, Apache Kafka will be compatible with Oracle … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Project Quay

Red Hat has announced Project Quay is now open sourced. Project Quay is an upstream project that represents the code in Red Hat Quay,, and years of work around Red Hat’s and CoreOS’s Quay container registry. “Quay was the first private hosted registry on the market, having been launched in late 2013. It grew … continue reading

Demystifying a Docker image

Six months ago ForAllSecure started analyzing Docker images. What does this mean?  Imagine we have a user who wants us to fuzz their application. How do they give it to us?  Do they tar it up? Do they give us access to an environment where it’s running?  Do we integrate into their build pipeline? Applications … continue reading

Mirantis obtains the Docker Enterprise Platform business from Docker

Mirantis is expanding its Kubernetes offering with the help of the Docker Enterprise Platform. The company announced it would be acquiring the business from Docker in an effort to deliver Kuberetes as a service and provide a consistent experience for developers. “The Mirantis Kubernetes technology joined with the Docker Enterprise Container Platform brings simplicity and … continue reading

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Report: Containers and Kubernetes are key for modern IT strategies

The IT industry is rapidly adopting containers and Kubernetes to support their modern IT initiatives. A new report from Rancher Labs revealed 85% of respondents are running containers in production and 90% are using Kubernetes for container management and orchestration. The report is based off of responses from more than 1,000 tech users from small … continue reading

Container security: 5 current trends you can’t afford to ignore

Enterprise confidence in containers continues to accelerate – not just in terms of the number of businesses now running containerized applications, but also in how many of those deployments span the entire application lifecycle. A recent survey by Market Cube finds that 87% of IT professionals are utilizing containers, and 90% of those are using … continue reading

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Sysdig: Half of containers live for less than five minutes

Container usage has grown in scale, complexity, and density year over year, according to Sysdig’s third annual Container Usage Report. The increase in container adoption highlights the need for companies to understand how to securely operate containers as well as how to prepare for expected growth.  According to Sysdig, 50% of containers live for less … continue reading

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Enterprise container strategy: It’s time to jump on board

Containers are here to stay. The question is when will they become more widely used than virtual machines?  Containers are software designed to package an application and its dependencies (libraries, binaries, and configuration files) together so it can run quickly and reliably when a developer moves the application from one computing environment to another. They also … continue reading

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Report: IT professionals turn to tools to reduce cloud complexities

The cloud is here to stay. A recently released report revealed enterprises are no longer questioning whether they should move to the cloud. Seventy-two percent of IT decision makers believe cloud technology is commoditized and standardized.  The new challenges enterprises are having is finding the right tools and technologies to leverage the cloud, or clouds. … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Microsoft open sources the Open Application Model, CockroachDB gets Red Hat Container Certification, and Pensando emerges from stealth

Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud have announced the Open Application Model (OAM), a new open-source project under the Open Web Foundation. OAM is meant to provide an open standard for developers building and operating apps on Kubernetes. “OAM is a specification for describing applications so that the application description is separated from the details of how … continue reading Protection Status

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