DNSSEC diagram

NS1 and Salesforce have announced that they have collaborated on the first implementation of multi-signer DNSSEC. This enables the cryptographic signing of DNS records across zones with multiple DNS platforms.

According to NS1, DNSSEC prevents DNS spoofing and cache-poisoning attacks. They believe that this implementation is well-timed because cybercriminals have been increasingly targeting DNS lately. Before now, DNSSEC was only possible through a single provider and would often break modern traffic management features like geo-routing and global server load balancing.

StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform now available in the GCP Marketplace
The StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform is now available in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. This will allow GCP customers to launch StackRox’ platform in just a few simple steps, the company explained.

GCP customers can now count on StackRox’ platform for visibility, vulnerability management, compliance, network segmentation, configuration management, risk profiling, and threat detection and response. 

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2019.1 released
Software company Progress has announced the latest release of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold. The 2019.1 release introduces enhancements in network mapping and discovery, improved vCenter support, and a new public REST API that will allow WhatsUp Gold to be integrated with users’ existing systems.

“Internal networks, systems, applications and cloud technologies are the backbone of every organization. Having complete visibility is critical for preventing problems and being able to respond in real time, when problems do occur,” said John Ainsworth, SVP of core products at Progress. “With the speed and flexibility that WhatsUp Gold 2019.1 brings, IT teams now have a reliable and solid solution to help them deliver optimal performance and zero downtime.”

NetBrain Integrated Edition Version 8.0 now available
Automation platform provider NetBrain has released the latest version of its “Just in Time Automation” solution. NetBrain Integrated Edition Version 8.0 includes new features such as dynamic mapping, the ability to take a Golden Baseline of a network, and a knowledge cloud.

“In just one day, an enterprise network can experience millions of events, thousands of alarms, hundreds of tickets and dozens of changes – completely overwhelming today’s IT teams,” said Lingping Gao, chairman and CEO at NetBrain. “Our goal is to ease the burden by accelerating the adoption of ‘Just in Time Automation’ to help network teams tackle the 1,000 tasks a day that they would otherwise perform manually. With NetBrain Integrated Edition 8.0, we are doing just that. With advanced automation capabilities, entire teams can work together more effectively to handle the increasing demands of today’s networks.”

Rubrik’s Andes 5.1 introduces data governance capabilities 
Rubrik is taking on data governance and disaster recovery orchestration in its latest release of Andes. 

According to the company, Andes 5.1 allows organizations to automate compliance efforts, provide data mobility for business continuity, increase employee productivity, and realize cost savings.