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Pure Storage announces new self-service storage management

Pure Storage announced new self-service features for its Pure1 storage management platform and Evergreen portfolio. These enhancements are part of the company’s ongoing effort to offer valuable, software-based solutions through a unified platform experience to its global customer base.  This strategic shift underscores Pure Storage’s commitment to adapting to the changing needs of modern enterprises, … continue reading

Qualtrics announces Customer Journey Optimizer to streamline customer journeys

Qualtrics, the experience management solution provider, unveiled the general release of Customer Journey Optimizer.  This solution combines journey analytics and orchestration, fueled by Qualtrics Experience iD. Its primary purpose is to assist organizations in pinpointing crucial moments and areas of difficulty for customers, allowing them to prioritize effective actions for enhancing customer experiences. By leveraging … continue reading

Report: IT teams should make more investments in end-user experience

In order to deliver the technology experiences employees need in order to stay productive, IT teams need to invest not just in tools, but in end-user experience.  According to a new report from Forrester titled “Build the Foundation of Proactive Technology Support,” many operations teams are transforming the way they service internal customers. They are … continue reading

Catchpoint introduces first digital experience score for faster IT resolution

Catchpoint today announced the Catchpoint Digital Experience Score, which combines the network and application experience and how the user’s device is performing all in one. The metric provides visibility into all necessary components of the service delivery chain that account for true end-user experience, according to the company.  “If you have no real visibility into … continue reading

Bitglass strengthens integration with Duo Security

Bitglass announced a deepened integration with Duo Security to balance enterprise-grade access control and data protection with a user experience designed to support a global, remote, and multi-device workforce, according to the companies in a post. Bitglass’ Next-Gen Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides end-to-end security and comprehensive visibility over corporate data, limits sharing, prevents data … continue reading

Designing superior UX for the IT administrator

When it comes to the state of the IT administrator user experience, we’ve passed a tipping point. The idea that a rewarding and optimized digital experience should only be reserved for the front-end customer has gone out of fashion, and the emphasis on digital transformation and explosion of the digital workplace has propelled the employee … continue reading Protection Status

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