IBM is announcing Rapid Network Automation, a low-code API-driven tool for automating, integrating and connecting infrastructure throughout a hybrid cloud environment.

The tool, which was developed after IBM acquired Pliant in March, turns API code into deployable blocks that Rapid Network Automation can assemble and integrate to ensure communication across the technology stack between platforms, services, and applications, according to the company’s blog post announcement.

Andrew Coward, GM, Software Networking at IBM, wrote: “Network automation tasks can be inefficient (on top of specific skill requirements that some teams don’t have). Streamlining and automating tasks such as scripts, centralized governance and security policies are critical to addressing complexity, which  is often the cause of these bigger automation initiatives potentially failing.” 

Among the use cases cited for automation are network observability, public cloud management, security and compliance and IT service management. IBM Rapid Network Automation is available in software-as-a-service and client-managed versions, Coward wrote.  

IBM SevOne v7 due out June 6 

IBM has been strategically working to extend its portolio of networking solutions to help organizations maximize performance and reduce complexity. The Rapid Network Automation solution and the forthcoming SevOne v7, expected to be out June 6, add to the company’s portfolio that already includes IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, IBM NS1 Commect ,and IBM Edge Application manager.

The possible integration of IBM SevOne’s hybrid cloud infrastructure performance data and network flow records with the powerful automation engine of IBM Rapid Network Automation create automated network observability, so network teams can monitor to understand their network performance from an important perspective—an application performance perspective” Coward explained in the blog.