Sumo Logic has unveiled Sumo Logic Flex Licensing, a log analytics pricing plan that provides free, unlimited log data ingest, enabling developer, security, and operations teams to collect and analyze crucial data throughout their enterprise. 

This pricing strategy eliminates a typical cost obstacle for analytics, enabling customers to leverage their increasing data volumes fully. The goal is to facilitate data-driven decisions and foster innovation without compromising on visibility.

“As data continues to grow exponentially, many log management vendors are adjusting their pricing models to adapt to this growth. The problem is that these models are still based on the same limiting parameters of data ingest or compute restriction. Sumo Logic is the first to introduce a disruptive approach by associating cost with the actual value of the platform – the analytics,” said Joe Kim, president and CEO of Sumo Logic.

Sumo Logic introduced a Flex Licensing plan designed to directly correlate costs with business value, addressing the increasing challenge of managing vast amounts of data efficiently. 

Sumo Logic’s approach only charges customers for the data they store and the analytics performed. This consumption model ensures that customers can scale their log analytics architecture to meet enterprise and cloud-scale log ingestion demands without fearing uncontrollable expenses.

With this new financial model, Sumo Logic aims to change log management by encouraging businesses to ingest all their log data, thereby centralizing their observability and security analytics, according to the company. 

This consolidation aims to simplify operations and expedite the resolution of issues related to availability, performance, and security. By enabling companies to bring all their data into a single platform, Sumo Logic’s Flex Licensing plan is poised to enhance the efficiency of troubleshooting processes and overall data management strategies.

Flex Licensing is available immediately to new Sumo Logic customers and will be made available to existing customers later this year, making it the first-to-market zero-dollar ingest pricing plan.