KubeCon is in full swing with companies continuing to announce new features and solutions dedicated to the Kubernetes ecosystem. 

Here are some more highlights from the week:

CNCF announced Kubernetes Community Days
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced Kubernetes Community Days. These are community-organized events that will bring together technologists to learn, collaborate, and network.

According to the CNCF, these events will focus on community engagement in the Kubernetes ecosystem. They can be organized by anyone in the CNCF community. 

The CNCF will provide support for these events via guidance, tools, and promotion through newsletters, blog posts, and social media channels. 

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Chronosphere announces new tracing capabilities
Chronosphere has announced new tracing capabilities in its platform. These capabilities are based on technologies such as OpenTelemetry, OpenMetrics, and M3 — three projects which Chronosphere contributes to. 

The tracing features will allow users to correlate traces with metrics. This will let them to reduce the time it takes to resolve production issues. 

Pivotal Application Service on Kubernetes reaches alpha
Pivotal has announced the alpha version of thePivotal Application Service (PAS) is now available on Kubernetes. 

Features included in the initial release are cf push, HTTP ingress routing, app life cycle management, app instance status and telemetry, environment-variable-based service bindings, and a container environment consistent with existing PAS installations.

StorageOS 1.5 now available
StorageOS has announced the latest release of its cloud-native storage solution. Version 1.5 introduces features that improve performance for applications in certain workloads. 

New additions in StorageOS 1.5 include data locality through an admission controller and the ability to share a file system across multiple containers.

Loki 1.0 now generally available
Grafana Labs has announced that Loki 1.0 is now generally available. Loki is a logging system that allows administrators to switch between metrics and logs in an instant. It was inspired by Prometheus.

“Grafana Labs is proud to have created Loki and fostered the development of the project, building first-class support for Loki into Grafana and ensuring customers receive the support and features they need,” said Tom Wilkie, VP of product at Grafana Labs. “We are committed to delivering an open and composable observability platform, of which Loki is a key component, and continue to rely on the power of open source and our community to enhance observability into application and infrastructure.”

CloudBees adds GUI to Jenkins X
CloudBees has announced a GUI for Jenkins X, a service that provides automated CI/CD for cloud-native apps on Kubernetes. Developers can use Jenkins X to build and deploy cloud-native applications without having to be an expert in Kubernetes and its ecosystem. 

“Our goal is to make Jenkins X the most friction-free environment for developers looking to use Kubernetes in an opinionated, automated way,” said Mo Plassnig, vice president of cloud of CloudBees. “Offering a richer, more intuitive GUI is just the start. Contributors throughout CloudBees and the Continuous Delivery Foundation ecosystem are hard at work creating more improvements – everything from log handling to environment promotions to onboarding of workflows.”

Wind River launches Kubernetes-based solution for managing edge infrastructure
Wind River has announced a Kubernetes-based solution for managing edge infrastructure. The Wind River Cloud Platform is optimized for the edge and addresses the complex challenges of deploying and managing a cloud-native vRAN infrastructure.

Cloud Platform is built on top of the OpenStack Foundation’s StarlingX project to provide simple Day 1 and Day 2 operations. It provides orchestration of fully automated software updates and upgrades, with rollback capabilities. 

Additional news from the event included the private preview release of Kublr Enterprise Platform 2.0, Sysdig’s cloud-native security hub, and the announcement of Codefresh’s 100 million open-source fund. Read more about these items in our ITOps news digest here