Detecting anomalies is crucial to the security of critical data, and Instaclustr just launched a new open-source project that will make it easier to detect those anomalies.

The project was built out of a desire to see how far it could scale data-stack technologies like Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka.

It can be challenging to create an architecture that can detect anomalies in high-scale environments that are dealing with millions or billions of events every single day. Instaclustr explained that in those situations, data-layer technologies must overcome computational, performance, and scalability requirements.

So in order to prove how powerful open-source technologies can be in solving these challenges, Instaclustr turned to Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka. According to Instaclustr, these are two complementary technologies. Kafka supports ingestion of streaming data and provides a buffer that prevents Cassandra from experiencing large data spikes. And Cassandra acts as a database for storing that streaming data.

“Our anomaly detection solution showcases how critical applications can scale – colossally – using expertly-optimized Kafka and Cassandra in their fully open source form,” said Ben Slater, chief product officer at Instaclustr. “We welcome enterprises across industries interested in knowing how Kafka and Cassandra can be leveraged to meet the data scale requirements within their own applications to get in touch, whether you’re building a real-time anomaly detection application or any other solution.”