Twistlock and Datadog have announced a new integration that will enable integration of security intelligence within Datadog’s platform. Customers will be able to keep their information in a centralized location throughout the DevOps lifecycle and at all layers of the cloud-native stack, the companies explained.

“Cloud native architectures have changed the game for application and infrastructure security teams by increasing the velocity of deployments and reducing time to delivery.  To address this, we increasingly see our enterprise customers relying on Twistlock for security scanning and governance of their containerized workloads,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, vice president of product and community at Datadog. “Our new integrations will allow our mutual customers to correlate changes in containerized environments with security events.”

According to the companies, the integration was developed by and is supported by Datadog. It is also bundled with the Datadog agent.

Customers will be able to surface information from Twistlock, such as vulnerabilities in containers and hosts, CVE details and risk scores, and compliance status of containers, hosts, and registries.

“By integrating Twistlock’s incident forensics and risk overview into Datadog, our customers increase their ability to understand the overall health of their cloud native environments and respond in real-time to threats and risks. This gives them both a security and an operational advantage – making them safer and more efficient than before,” said John Leon, vice president of business development and alliances at Twistlock.