Sumo Logic has announced a new multi-account management platform called Sumo Organizations.

According to the company, Sumo Organizations will enable customers to increase visibility and control over security intelligence.

Key capabilities of the platform include a multi-tenant management interface, role-based access control permissions, self-service provisioning and a federated view of Sumo Logic Cloud Enterprise Insights. 

Sumo Logic explained that with companies often having multiple DevOps and security teams, it can be a challenge to gain cross-organizational visibility without compromising on security or adding additional costs. 

It hopes that Sumo Organizations will enable teams to unify data while also improving how they react to security incidents or outages. 

“Enterprises are creating more data, they have more pipelines, and they have more teams that can gain intelligence into their operations by analyzing this data. Running this at scale quickly becomes a problem for enterprises, as they find it hard to get accurate visibility into current usage trends across their operations,” said Michael Marfise, the general manager for product growth at Sumo Logic. “Sumo Organizations eliminates challenges with tracking and maintaining policies, users, collections, and content across multiple departments and business units. In future iterations, we expect Sumo Organizations will also support the ability to set up and manage content and data, monitor and troubleshoot organizations, manage fine-grained RBAC permissions, and view federated dashboards.”