Sumo Logic  has announced new AI and security analytics capabilities designed to allow security and development teams to  use critical security data to plug security holes.
The Sumo Logic Saas Log Analytics Platform now provides a single place to monitor and secure applications and infrastructure so all stakeholders using DevSecOps practices can work together to “diagnose, assess and resolve” potential threats, the company said in its announcement.
“Many organizations are still working to adopt a ‘shift-left’ strategy to evolve to a true DevSecOps approach that breaks silos and enables teams to solve the hardest operational and security challenges faster. This is only possible when teams across development, security and operations are looking at the same data and insights, which means aligning on the atomic level of data — logs,” said Joe Kim, president and CEO of Sumo Logic.
New capabilities in Sumo Logic’s  solution include MITRE ATT&CK Threat Coverage Explorer, within its Cloud SIEM solution, for analyzing threat coverage and improving security posture; a Copilot log analytics solution assisted by AI with pre-built natural language prompts; and AI-driven anomaly detection and automation through playbooks.
Further, the new release brings a unified view across its Log Analytics, Cloud SIEM and SOAR products to provide a single source of truth for security and development teams, the company wrote in its announcement. Also, a new flex licensing model provides customers with cost-effectiveness for cloud infrastructure security.
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