Arlon is a new open-source project that defines an architecture that utilizes GitOps, declarative APIs, and Kubernetes to manage infrastructure and workloads. 

The project was created by cloud native company Platform9. The company says that Arlon is the first open-source project to automate and integrate infrastructure and workload life cycle management.

Arlon combines ClusterAPI, a project for creating, upgrading, and tearing down Kubernetes clusters, and ArgoCD, which is a tool for continuous delivery and workload management. 

“Arlon provides scalable cluster and application lifecycle management built on top of industry-standard tools in the cloud native ecosystem,” said Bich Le, chief architect at Platform9. ”By relying on the open, community-led pillars of ArgoCD, ClusterAPI, and GitOps methodology, this new project greatly simplifies the large-scale deployment, configuration, and operation of Kubernetes clusters and workloads.”

According to the company, DevOps teams can use Arlon to simplify scalable deployments for less money and IT teams can use it to apply consistent governance policies across clusters. 

It currently offers support for AWS, but the project roadmap includes plans to support other public clouds down the road.