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ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: OpenTofu

The Linux Foundation has introduced OpenTofu, another open-source alternative to the Terraform infrastructure as code provisioning tool.  This move was prompted by Terraform’s recent license change from MPLv2 to a Business Source License v1.1, which raised concerns in the open-source community. The switch early last month involved HashiCorp’s’ products including the infrastructure-as-code service Terraform, the … continue reading

In response to Terraform license change, OpenTF forms and creates open-source fork of project

Earlier this month, HashiCorp announced it would be switching the license for all of its products to a Business Source License (BSL), changing from the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL 2.0) that they were originally under. Its products include the infrastructure-as-code service Terraform, the images-as-code solution Packer, and the identity-based security solution Vault.  In response … continue reading

HashiConf Global: What’s on the roadmap for Terraform

HashiCorp’s annual conference HashiConf Global started today, and after a keynote where new and upcoming products that developers and operators could get excited about were discussed, the company’s vice president of engineering, Paul Hinze, joined the stage to share some recent developments for the company’s flagship product Terraform, as well as new features on the … continue reading

ITOps news digest: Falkonry’s operational AI products, CloudBolt 9.2, and Huawei’s new 5G products

Predictive operations company Falkonry has announced two new AI product offerings designed to scale with lower total cost of ownership and short time to value. The products include Falkonry Workbench and Analyzer.  Workbench analyzes large amounts of data to build predictive models and solve production problems. Other features include ability to perform forensic analysis on … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Regula

This week Fugue open sourced its Regula tool. Regula is a tool that evaluates Terraform infrastructure-as-code for security misconfigurations and compliance violations. Development teams can integrate Regula into CI/CD pipelines to prevent cloud infrastructure deployments that could potentially have security or policy violations, Fugue explained. RELATED OPEN-SOURCE PROJECTS: Terraform | Tern | Project Calico It … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Terraform

HashiCorp’s open-source project Terraform is increasingly becoming more popular as organizations look for new ways to create and maintain infrastructure. Terraform is designed to write, plan and create infrastructure as code. In Thoughtworks’ latest technology radar, the company dubbed it the “de facto choice for creating and managing cloud infrastructures by writing declarative definitions.” While … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Terraform 0.12, Barracuda’s Advanced Bot Protection, and AWS Config’s new pricing plan

HashiCorp has announced the release of Terraform 0.12, which is a major update to the product. Key updates include first-class expression syntax, generalized type system, iteration constructs, structural rendering of plans, and context-rich error messages. HashiCorp noted that there are still some providers that don’t have 0.12-ready releases yet. HashiCorp has published a guide for … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Rancher 2 Terraform Provider, NGINX Ingress Controller 1.5, and HPE to acquire Cray

HashiCorp has made its Rancher2 Terraform provider generally available. According to HashiCorp, the provider is used for interacting with resources supported by Rancher v2. Terraform is the company’s open-source project for cloud infrastructures. Rancher Labs has been working on a Terraform provider for Rancher 2.x ever since releasing version 2 due to the popularity of … continue reading Protection Status

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