Alamofire logo

This week’s open source project is Alamofire, which is an HTTP networking library that is written in Swift. 

The library includes features like chainable requests and response methods; URL, JSON, and plist parameter encoding; authentication with URLCredential, HTTP response validation, and the ability to dynamically adapt and retry requests.

In addition to the core Alamofire networking capabilities, the project team has added two extra component libraries for additional functionality. These libraries include AlamofireImage and AlamofireNetworkActivityIndicator.

AlamofireImage is an image library that contains image response serializers, UIImage and UIImageView extensions, custom image filters, an auto-purging in-memory cache, and a priority-based image downloading system. AlamofireNetworkActivityIndicator allows you to control the visibility of the network activity indicator on iOS.

The project is currently being maintained by the Alamofire Software Foundation.