Just two months after F5 Networks announced its intent to acquire NGINX, the deal has been closed. NGINX will now operate as its own business unit within F5.

“Watching the NGINX and F5 teams planning our joint future proved to me that NGINX has found a great home. While there will always be different approaches in certain areas, the collaborative and respectful attitude on both sides has clearly demonstrated that the underlying values and resulting culture of the two companies are incredibly aligned,” Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX wrote in a post.

Robertson will be leading the new NGINX business unit and will report directly to François Locoh-Donou, CEO of F5. He will also work closely with Kara Sprague, executive vice president and general manager of application services at F5.

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NGINX plans to accelerate development of NGINX Controller, collaborating with both NGINX and F5’s engineering teams to do so. They are also working on ways to integrate NGINX and F5’s technologies into new products.

“The combined company will enable multi-cloud application services across all environments, providing the ease-of-use and flexibility developers require while also delivering the scale, security, reliability and enterprise readiness network operations teams demand,” F5 wrote in a press release.