The network automation platform BackBox is announcing a new feature in its Network Vulnerability Manager (NVM) that it hopes will make it easier for companies to manage and prioritize vulnerabilities. 

They will now be able to mark specific CVEs that they believe to be irrelevant or that were already mitigated as “mitigated” in the app. 

Additionally, NVM will factor those mitigated vulnerabilities out of the company’s risk score, which will enable customers to have a more realistic view of their actual risk level. 

Additionally, the company made some improvements to the platform UI to make it easier to manage these mitigate CVEs. Customers will also be able to view risk posture by CVE or device. 

“Our customers appreciate that we make network vulnerability management easy by empowering them to see their risk scores update in real-time through the CVE ‘mitigated’ feature and closed-loop remediation,” said Andrew Kahl, CEO of BackBox. “NVM now gives customers an even more relevant dashboard into their active security vulnerabilities and directs them to the remediation activities that will have the greatest impact.”