The network automation platform BackBox has announced a new capability that will enable IT teams to more easily discover network vulnerabilities, prioritize CVEs, and automate remediation. 

Network Vulnerability Manager (NVM) offers capabilities like classification of vulnerabilities by threat level; remediation by configuration changes, network and firewall OS upgrades, and patches; built-in backups, single-click roll-backs, and pre- and post-update validations; and automated device lifecycle management. 

The tool currently offers over 3,000 pre-built automations and a no-code interface for building new ones. 

This comes at an important time for IT professionals because according to a study done by the Ponemon Institute, 60% of IT professionals say that security teams spend “more time navigating manual processes than responding to vulnerabilities.” The report also found that companies have downtime at an average of 30 hours every week just to patch vulnerabilities. 

“Manual processes have become obsolete. The days of upgrading switches, firewalls, and APs by hand are a thing of the past. Not only that but trying to stay ahead of CVEs and vulnerabilities is near impossible with newer threats arising daily,” said Girard Kavelines, CEO and founder of TechHouse570, a security focused blog. 

BackBox’ CTO Josh Stephens added: “Common vulnerability management tools focus on endpoints and are designed for security teams rather than network teams”, said Josh Stephens, CTO of BackBox. “BackBox’s vulnerability management capabilities have been specifically engineered for network operations teams in the way that they operate and to accelerate their path toward network automation.”