The network automation company BackBox has added a set of automated Network Configuration Management (NCM) features to its Network Automation Platform. 

By adding automation to NCM, tasks can be triggered by parts of the DevOps workflow, such as initiating a backup before an update is performed. This contrasts with traditional NCM which typically is just used to manage configuration and doesn’t have operational control of the network, the company explained.

NCM automations are programmed using a no-code interface, so no scripting is required. “BackBox NCM’s no-code automation means that engineers don’t also have to be developers,” said Josh Stephens, CTO Emeritus and Board Advisor of BackBox. 

Other key features include configuration templates, compliance reporting, a searchable configuration repository, and integration with ServiceNow.

“With a proven track record of network and security device automation, BackBox is creating new opportunities for network administrators to improve their team’s performance,” said Andrew Kahl, CEO of BackBox. “Incorporating ever more robust NCM capabilities into our automation platform empowers network operations teams to improve network security, performance, and solve problems faster.”