AWS has announced the launch of a common control library in AWS Audit Manager, its tool for mapping compliance requirements to AWS usage.

The new library provides common controls that are already mapped to AWS data sources, which are based on mapping and reviews conducted by AWS auditors. 

It also provides the ability to view the compliance requirements for frameworks associated with each control. According to AWS, this will help companies better understand their audit readiness across those frameworks. 

Other key benefits of the common control library include time savings, reduced effort for compliance teams, and reduced dependence on IT teams when it comes to compliance. 

The controls in this library can also inherit updates or new data sources from Audit Manager as they are added, like new AWS CloudTrail events, AWS API calls, or AWS Config rules. 

“This eliminates the efforts required by GRC and IT teams to constantly update and manage evidence sources and makes it easier to benefit from additional compliance frameworks that Audit Manager adds to its library,” Danilo Poccia, chief evangelist for AWS, wrote in a blog post

The library is available now across all regions where Audit Manager is available, and using it does not create additional costs. 

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